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I have taken specific care not to let my gmail address fall into the hands of anybody besides people I deal with in person- friends and family and such- and after several months of having this account be spam-free, today I finally got a few. How on earth do they find me?
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Name generation. (, etc).
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I've recently noticed an uptick in spam in my Gmail account too. (from 1 e-mail/week to maybe 5-10/day.) No clue.
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For Vicodin, right? Well, Vicodin and software. Slightly odd misspellings of your name in the body text? Ditto with me, and several other people I know.

Given that the one of the joys of gmail was that you could finally get, or indeed anything that resembled normal english, automatic name generation's going to work a lot better for spamming new gmail accounts than almost any others. Unless you actually chose, your spam filter's going to be getting quite a workout fairly soon.
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Response by poster: so you're saying my highly ethnic name is what kept spam out of my inbox for so long?
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Response by poster: and YES- lots of vicodin, a little software.
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Ditto on the Vicodin and the Software. Whysat?
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Confirming the trend, I've experienced exactly the same thing. Googles spam filter seems to be better than Hotmails though.
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Me too. First four spams ever, and I've had the thing for months.
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Confirming as well. Emails about Vicodin -- about 5-10 a day,
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Makes sense -- the spam (beautifully filtered) is coming to my gmail account that is My other two gmail accounts -- nothing yet.
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Me too.
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One major spammer can put together ten million spams in a day, no problem. They all have automatic username generation software. They have text files of first names and surnames that run into the megabytes. So they come upon gmail and let their program riff on it. Then, of course, their program waits for the bounces to come back. The names that don't bounce back are recorded as they obviously got through to someone. The ones that do bounce back are tried again in a few months.

Why the Vicodin and the software? Because whichever spammer or spam group is targtting gmail at the moment is being paid to advertise those two things. You'll see this stuff come and go - next week it'll be Cialis and Rolex or somesuch...

Luckily, the gmail spam filter appears to be one of the best I've come across and has caught just about all spams that have appeared in any of my gmail accounts so far...
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I'd second that auto name generation theory.... here's my spam from my gmail account.

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No spam yet, but I just got this out of the blue. Anyone have any idea what it means? (Cause I have no clue who this person is or what he's asking for)

"i am the leader of a clan called ^Military Mayhem^ and I would like to know
if i can be hooked up with one of your teamspeak servers you advertised for
free. i hate the company im with right now, G-Fore Gaming, Really suck!!!
please e-mail me back if you can set me one up. thanks"

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Dictionary attacks are a strong possibility. The other possibility is that some of your contacts have "zombie" computers that have given up your e-mail address from their address books to spammers via a trojan.
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CunningLinguist: A clan is a computer gaming group. Teamspeak is Internet conferencing software used for voice chat.
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Yep, name generation it is.
For some reason I get only Brazilian spam.
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Thanks SPrintF.
Now I'm just left wondering why me. Maybe he mispelled the email address or something.
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I've gotten three Nigerian spams total....all neatly caught. Only one false positive, and that was on a distributed digest mail.
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suddenly 10 spams hit my gmail acct, all selling "cheap rolex watches", all addressed to my proper username but with a series of numbers tacked on ( all were instantly filtered tho', as i didn't even notice them 'til this thread prompted me to look.

10 spam aren't bad, considering my domain's default acct used to get several hundred per day, til i disabled it.
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Same here. I get a couple every day, now.
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Spammers are incredibly efficient. I have a domain that I bought long ago before spam was a problem. I'm sure that addresses within the domain are scatterered around in old usenet and mailing list archives. It's been years since the domain was hooked up to anything. Last week I finally park the domain somewhere and start setting up mail. Before my first test message gets through I got spammed.
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I've just started getting these too. Same thing - all (incorrect) versions of my user name. In each case the first four letters *are* correct though. Software, generic drugs, rolexes. They're all filtered.
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Signal: I've been getting the Brazilian spam too (as well as the drug and software spam mentioned by others). I assumed it was because I used that address on Orkut. (And now I hate Orkut even more.)
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I just started getting the Vicodin ones. They are getting caught by the spam filter though.
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ditto with the vicodin. my username is in the dictionary ("senior") so I'm guessing I'm first on the list for spammers. at least the spam filter catches about 99% of them.

has anyone else been getting lots of spams that appear to come from friend's email addresses?
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I've gotten a ton of spam on my Gmail account (which I've been using for everything, including account signups/registration and such), but as some have mentioned Gmail seems to have the best spam filter out there. I can only remember MAYBE 1 or 2 squeaking through after hundreds, and I think 1 false positive in the early days.
posted by swank6 at 1:47 PM on December 5, 2004 too. But, the question is what can be done? Can we fake bounce-backs?
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I just started getting spam on my Gmail account. I'd never given the address to anybody, and it's my last name -- Jaquith -- which is very, very rare. They must have some bad-ass Rumpelstiltskin software.
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I got two identical pieces of spam asking me to support the Ukrainian opposition by sending money to such-and-such account number.

It's pretty weird because I haven't given my address out to anyone, and my last name is uncommon enough that I was able to use it as my gmail account name, and I only registered a couple of weeks ago.
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It's just a computer script trying all possiblities. I've got a 4 character hotmail account and I get all the spam with that. Google at least seems to be able to sort it properly I've only had 1 false positive (which was pretty spammy I must admit) and no false negitives. Contrast with MS where S:N is about 1:500.
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Is anyone else getting spam in gmail that is addressed to a username other than your proper one? For an example, I'm getting a decent number of spam emails with to: addresses in the format:

[first 3-5 characters of my gmail username][other random words, chars]

My guess is such "fuzzy matching" is meant to help avoid addressing errors, but in my case I'm ending up with a "catch-some" for spam...
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