Is there a place on the internet where movies are remixed?
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Is there a place on the internet where movies are remixed, like the JarJarBeGone remix of _A Phantom Menace_, ostensibly to improve them (as opposed to simply shortening them)?

I can think of a number of films that would have been better with a little editing, a few flat spots taken out, etc. and I was just wondering if this has started to happen in an online community. I guess one example would be the 30-minute version of Planet of the Apes.

Of course, I wish someone had done the same thing with Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. Not a reader's digest condensed version, but perhaps an e-book that would warn me when a particularly long passage had no immediated relevance to the plot progression so I could come back to it later, perhaps. After almost 3,000 pages I'm exhausted!

I just like the idea of these sorts of remixes floating about but haven't found too many.

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I saw a 30 minute edit of Pulp Fiction on suprnova(.org) the other day but I didn't grab it. I don"t know of any central repository for all this stuff. There's a really good site for perfect nintendo game runs though...
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As far as I know, there's no central site.

There's also a Harry Potter remix with redubs completely new audio in, and the recent Planet of the Apes remix that reimagines the movie as a 30-minute Twilight Zone episode.
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Whoa, thanks waxy, that Planet of the Apes remix was fantastic!
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The CleanFlicks DVD service was in the news a while back for editing movies of profanity, nudity, graphic violence and sexual content, ostensibly to improve the films.
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Response by poster: I know all about the cleanflickers. I was thinking more along the line of artistic edits, or creative remixing, but thanks. I guess this is something that will emerge as the performance/cost ratio of hardware improves and it gets easier to do this at home.
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