Trying to make fetch happen...again. Movie suggestions, please.
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There are a handful of movies I adore and have watched over and over: Bring It On, Clueless, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, and, most recently, Pitch Perfect. Suggest more movies like this, please.

I have two weeks off at the end of the year, and I want to spend some of that time watching movies that'll make me happy. Here's what I'm looking for:
--comedies with women in the lead roles
--characters who are smarter and more capable than they initially seem, and who ultimately triumph by embracing their strengths (Elle Woods' knowledge of fashion and beauty winning the murder trial, or Cady joining the Mathletes)
--witty, eminently quotable dialogue
--films that stand up to multiple viewings (and I mean MULTIPLE; I've memorized huge swaths of all these movies)

Bonus points for singing, dancing, and/or incredible clothes. Also, it's probably not a coincidence that all five of these movies were written by women. And although a high school/college setting is another common factor in all of these, I wouldn't consider it essential.

Other potentially useful information: I've watched Easy A twice and could see it becoming a favorite. Bridesmaids was great but way too long; I loved The Heat, but wasn't a fan of the more serious crime-related plot elements. From what I've seen of Mean Girls 2 or the Bring It On sequels, they're terrible.

What other movies should I watch?
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Drop Dead Gorgeous seems like it would fit at least a few of your requirements. It is most assuredly quotable.
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Not a film, but you're describing Gilmore Girls. Two weeks should be plenty for seven seasons.
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How about Freaks and Geeks? It's a whole TV season, so there's even more to love!
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IS Heathers too dark for you?
The Breakfast Club
Wish You Were Here
9 to 5
Working Girl isn't exactly a comedy, but worth it for Joan Cusack's 'it's not even leath-uh!'alone.

Also, if you want singing, clothes and triumph, Little Shop Of Horrors!
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No singing or dancing and a slower pace, but maybe Manny and Lo.

Drop Dead Gorgeous isn't as girl power, but is wildly funny and has dancing.
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Thelma and Louise
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Also, if we're doing TV:

Cybill (I watched it for Christine Baranski's character)
Murphy Brown
Being Erica (though it's comedy-drama)
Just Shoot Me
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How about Whip It, about roller derby? I know a lot of people who love your entire list of films who love this one too.
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Oooh, Muriel's Wedding!! That hits all your criteria, in a cheesy, ABBA-laden, Australian kind of way! :))
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Virtually all Disney Channel original movies made in the last five years or so. I'd emphasize "Lemonade Mouth," the Cheetah Girls franchise, and the Camp Rock series.
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10 Things I Hate About You
Devil Wears Prada (not set in HS, but genuinely watchable)
Never Been Kissed
nthing Heathers and Gilmore Girls.
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You might like Made in Dagenham - not musical and not really a comedy, but strong women who unexpectedly change their world, with moments of comedy and great clothes.

And 10 Things I Hate About You, the movie. The TV show of the same name (made after the movie) is not as good but has its funny moments, too.
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Perhaps But I'm A Cheerleader, about a perky popular high school girl coming to terms with her lesbianism?
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If you don't mind older movies, here are my watched-a-dozen-times-and-still-watch-again films featuring women

Shirley Valentine and
Educating Rita (both by writer Willy Russell and fit all four of your first checklist!)
Hobson's Choice
(and another vote for Working Girl)
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Strictly Ballroom. Dancing! Very quotable! Incredible ballroom outfit nonsense.
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She's the Man (I know, Amanda Bynes is terrible but god damn if I don't love this movie)
Sidney White (Again, Amanda Bynes, but it is great.)
She's All That
Save the Last Dance (not a comedy so much)
Born Yesterday
Straight Talk
showbiz_liz beat me to But I'm a Cheerleader
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QUEEN LATIFAH is your woman. My sister and I will watch over and over:
- Last Holiday - Seemingly mousy lady at a lousy job decides to live life when diagnosed with an incurable disease.
- Just Wright - Physical therapist can't catch a break with guys. Meets the man of her dreams who is suddenly snatched away by her cousin.

Sort of Spoiler Alert: both have satsifying endings.
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Ooh, looks like no one's suggested Saved! yet. Meets all your criteria.
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Saved is about a girl at a christian high school who gets pregnant and falls out of the popular crowd. It's very funny in a lot of the same ways as Mean Girls.
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Sugar and Spice


Also, Jawbreaker. And In Her Shoes, which I liked more than I thought I would.
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CANNOT SUPPORT juniperesque's AND martinX's bellbottoms SUGGESTION OF SAVED! ENOUGH! Effing fantastic movie.
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Bride and Prejudice?
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Miss Congeniality also fits.

I seriously love this type of film and I have seen pretty much all of the ones suggested here. A lot of really fantastic suggestions. Strictly Ballroom, as suggested above, is perfect as well. Not terribly well known but oh so fantastically wonderful.
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I love Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. I watch it every time I'm home sick and miserable and it's always the same stupidly enjoyable movie.
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St Trinian's!
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Here's one not many people have heard of, but it's my go-to for a rainy sunday afternoon:


Great cast, cute plot, fun music.
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Slums of Beverly Hills is also awesome. It's not quite the same movie genre as the ones you've listed, but the story revolves around Natasha Lyonne. Natasha Lyonne is always just wonderful.
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Ever After -- fairy tale corsets, and some clever lines. And a sweet ending.
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Bookmarking this thread to mine for new things to watch, as I love this kind of movie. I really enjoyed "Dick" with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams, with bonus Dan Hedaya as Nixon.
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Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams.
This is my go-to, you can do it, career woman movie.

Also, seconding Queen Latifah movies. Love the plots, love her.
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How do you know? It got poor reviews but man I love this movie.
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A lot of Meg Ryan's not-recent stuff works.

You've Got Mail
French Kiss is hugely overlooked and oh so freeking good.
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These don't match all your criteria, but you might try Calendar Girls and Saving Grace.
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Center Stage!!!!
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Nicole Holofcener (director) is my go to for strong female movies, but some of them are bittersweet/quirky rather than outright funny. Friends with Money and Lovely and Amazing are still good choices though.
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Little Miss Sunshine? Very young badass girl protagonist.
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Bridget Jones - the first movie, not the second.
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I have a wee bit of a crush on Jennifer Garner, so I will recommend 13 Going On 30, and it has Mark Ruffalo in it, so it's got that going for it as well.

Bonus points for Judy Greer.
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View from the Top
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One of my favorite movies about female friendship: THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT. Shot in 1960s NY, it gets bonus points for the amazing 60s wardrobe of Angela Lansbury. It stars two wonderfully entertaining and funny teens who start out lonely and learn how friendship can sustain them. Also, Peter Sellers, directed by George Roy Hill, based on a book by Nora Johnson that drew from her teen crush on Oscar Levant... and extra bonus points for a good chunk of the movie being set at Xmastime so it's perfect for this time of year.
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Big Business, very Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler, very 80s, but satisfying and very women-doing-more-than-they-seem-capable-of.

Also, definitely singing and dancing (Bette! Midler!)
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Bridget Jones' Diary - that and Clueless are my two forever-rewatchable awesome favorite movies forever.

(We're all going to just pretend that the second Bridget Jones movie never happened, k?)
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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
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Baby Mama
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How about some classics?

Auntie Mame - not the musical one.
His Girl Friday
Stage Door - so quotable
Pillow Talk
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[Ctrl]+[F] "Josie" -- what in the...?!!

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, forever and ever. It's hilarious, eminently quotable and re-watchable, and the soundtrack is amazing!
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You should watch all of "Ugly Betty"! It has some rough spots here and there, but overall has lots of great female characters, snark, and clothes.
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Here is an oldie: Earth Girls Are Easy...

Jeff Goldblum as an alien, Geena Davis as an Earth by the slightly satirical Jule Brown (I like them big and stupid).
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Romy & Michelle definitely fits the bill.
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Saved is pretty awesome
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I agree with Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Love that movie.
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Oh man, your list is perfect, cream of the crop feel-good movies, so that's why it's hard to find others to fill it.

I'd put Mystic Pizza on the list, though it doesn't have quite the same pop.

Dirty Dancing, though it's also a bit more serious.

And just to stick a totally out-there suggestion on the list because it fits for me: Married to the Mob

Nthing Romy and Michelle.
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My Cousin Vinny? Marisa Tomei isn't the main character, but otherwise it would seem to fit your criteria.
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The North Avenue Irregulars
Hollywood Shuffle

Oldies but goodies.
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Seconding, thirding and nthing My Cousin Vinny. I must have watched it dozens of times - all the lead characters are funny here and what's more, the actual "villains" never show up on the screen.
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Satisfaction! Justine Bateman and Julia Roberts in a band triumphing over arseholes.
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Oh, and Girls Just Want To Have Fun is an absolute classic of the genre.
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Can't Hardly Wait.
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Also, Bend it Like Beckham! Great fun, & you get to see Keira Knightley in one of her earliest roles.
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Seconding sweetkid's recommendation of Nicole Holofcener. My favourite of her movies I'd Walking and Talking--it's such a real, funny, and touching portrayal of friendship between women.
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Center Stage (Zoe Saldana's big break!)
Moulin Rouge
Dirty Dancing
Save the Last Dance (not a huge fan, but the movie is tolerable enough)
Coyote Ugly
The Sound of Music

Similar vein, but no singing/dancing:
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
Legally Blonde 2 (a not-too-terrible sequel)

Kinda Close:
10 Things I Hate About You
The Prince and Me
What a Girl Wants
Never Been Kissed
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
The Princess Diaries
Roman Holiday
(I guess I like princess movies.....)

Most of these are on Amazon Prime as well.
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Again and again:

Josie and the Pussycats


My So-Called Life
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Definitely seconding Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day! I think that ticks every one of your boxes (male screen adapter but very very tightly based on novel by a woman). Seconding Strictly Ballroom. Is it possible no one's mentioned Cold Comfort Farm?

On the classics end, 42nd Street (you're going out a youngster.. but you've got to come back a STAR!), and Calamity Jane!
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Now and Then
All I Wanna Do (aka Strike!)

Super funny, female ensemble casts, written and directed by women, and I can watch them on infinite repeat!
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The House Bunny!!!!!!!! Very very stupid concept (dumb-as-rocks ex-Playmate saving a nerdy sorority) but like many very dumb vulgr things, it's surprisingly real & hilarious about issues most movies skirt around. The main female cast (the sorority) is really in your face about these girls being lovable weirdos, but ACTUALLY weird, not cute-weird. And Anna Faris's character tries to "act smart" to woo an intelligent guy with a kind heart, but the movie is all, "it's not pretty women vs. smart women, it's about inner beauty & being who you are~~" Awwww. It doesn't demonize the Playmate or patronize the nerdy girls imo.
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Also it has female-centric body/toilet humor, which I like. Like in a stupid Adam Sandler way. Like something falls on a woman and she actually screams a loud, unflattering sounding scream for a dumb laugh. Or y'know accidentally scalding your vagina or whatever. Not creepy man-hurting-woman-with-implied-sexual-overtones humor, it actually reclaims it IMO. Stuff usually reserved for ~lad humor~
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Rocket Science - one of Anna Kendrick's first movies, about a high school debate society. It's a male in the lead role but good roles for women, charming and full of snappy dialogue.
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While the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was eclipsed by the later TV series of the same name (and justly so), it is a rather underrated, quite enjoyable film that *very* much fits your specifications.
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I love so many of these movies (and have watched and enjoyed all the ones on your list). I just want to add: Friends with Benefits (rt), No Strings Attached (imdb). They have a very similar storyline, but both very witty. Friends with Benefits is slightly better done, but No Strings Attached has several big dance scenes. Music and Lyrics (rt) is not quite as clever, but has singing, dancing, and a women triumphing in a place where she had lost her confidence. Something New (rt) is about a woman who is incredibly competent at work exploring her creative side (and falling in love). Carolina (imdb) is about a young women helping hold together her eccentric family (like The House Bunny, they are actually weird, not just cutely mildly different). (I heartily second Bend it like Beckham and Gilmore Girls -- these are what I watch when I'm sick and just need something wonderful and happy to watch.)
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"Enchanted" doesn't seem to have been brought up yet, and that has very many of the characteristics you list including the singing and dancing.
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One more: Ever After
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Mary Poppins is a weird suggestion, but still: Mary Poppins.

Definitely meets your four requirements, and includes singing and dancing.

(I can also vouch for liking all of your example movies, and having M. Pops as a really longtime favorite.)
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Ella Enchanted is a "princess" movie, but there's some singing and a great female protagonist and I love it to pieces.

And along those lines, Tangled is pretty great too.
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Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY.
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For A Good Time, Call... is about two roommates who don't get along but somehow end up running a phone sex line together. It's very funny, written by a woman (Lauren Miller, aka Seth Rogen's wife), and is very rewatchable.

You might enjoy the MTV show Awkward although it might be a little heavy-handed for your taste.
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This is definitely my favorite genre of movie! I've favorited comments that mention some of my faves. A few titles that haven't been mentioned yet, that I've enjoyed:
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging: adorable British early teens movie, based on the book series by Georgia Nicolson
Rage in Placid Lake: More from the boy's perspective, but I loved this Aussie coming-of-age story starring Ben Lee and Rose Byrne
I'm With Lucy: An under-appreciated rom-com starring Monica Potter and the guy from E.T. all grown up!
The Holiday: Will be perfect for this time of year! Two rom-coms for the price of one with charming performances by all of the leads (Kate Winslet! Cameron Diaz! Jude Law! Jack Black!) It may be too sweet for its own good, but I usually watch it each holiday season.
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Man, all the ones I want to suggest are already here! I haven't seen D.E.B.S. mentioned yet, and I think it fits. It's pretty silly (and knows it) but that just makes it fun.

N-thing Coyote Ugly, Calendar Girls, Ella Enchanted, Now and Then, French Kiss and Born Yesterday (the original).

Hmm, oh Bells are Ringing (which is a musical) also fits!
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The only movie I can watch over and over again: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Great costumes, soundtrack, repartee, memorable scenes, and the end always makes me feel warm inside. Though I don't think it wouldn't be billed this way, it's a great movie about the importance of friends and family accepting you for who you are.
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Oh and I forgot to mention Priscilla is filled with great singing (well, lip-synching) and dancing!
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Drop Dead Gorgeous is over the top and ridiculous. Ellen Barkin and Allison Janney are particularly good.
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From Prada to Nada could be considered one of these kind of movies (like Clueless in a way) with an ethnic twist.

It's two Mexican-American girls whose rich immigrant father, who has built a business empire, suddenly dies after the marriage to an evil Caucasian stepmother. It was soon discovered that his company was on the skids and what was left the stepmom took from the daughters. They then have to move to east-LA, know zero Spanish, and navigate from their Beverly Hills life to one of their cousins. Based on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility".
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I find myself really wanting to recommend Fast Girls to you, even though it doesn't tick a couple of your boxes - it's about a girls UK running team. It's not a comedy or eminently quotable like Mean Girls is, but it's definitely a feel-good girls movie and I think you might like it.
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A couple times each year I treat myself to Moonstruck. It was released in 87, so I've seen it at least 50 times and I'm still not tired of it. There are two lead female characters, it's funny & heartbreaking, and has great dialogue (it won the Oscar for best writing).
I'm embarassed to admit it, but I love Drop Dead Diva (not to be confused with Drop Dead Gorgeous) - it's everything you describe, just not a movie or set in a high school - but they do an occasional song & dance routine!
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I'm embarassed to admit it, but I love Drop Dead Diva (not to be confused with Drop Dead Gorgeous) - it's everything you describe, just not a movie or set in a high school - but they do an occasional song & dance routine!

Came here to suggest just this. It really is almost exactly what you describe, and it's fun!
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Not quite, because arguably the main lead is male, but the female characters are fantastic, and it's real witty, funny, and definitely holds up to (a lot) of rewatches: Empire Records.
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Some of these have been mentioned. Others, not so much, but I think they'll all fit:

I was quite surprised by Stick It - not as quotable as others, but good Saturday afternoon viewing. Lots of good girl power and I was quite pleased that there was no makeover for the main character -- her rebellion was her strength. (Plus, Jeff Bridges, but I'm a weirdo).

13 Going on 30 absolutely. Same with The Devil Wears Prada. Two of my favorite "click flicks" recently.

A little out of your required aesthetic, but I absolutely love Mansfield Park (1999) and I Capture the Castle. Both have great casts, great production and great scripts. They're women-dominated and absolutely fun. I think they both fit nicely into your other movies (and I know because I like those too!).
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I'm late to the game on this, but I must add to the chorus. Firstly everyone who has recommended Strictly Ballroom and Drop Dead Gorgeous is absolutely correct and those must be watched. Secondly we appear to have identical taste so I'll say with confidence that you need to watch Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead like yesterday. I can recite this movie to you, I know it so well. It has all you need: female protagonist who suddenly needs to support all her younger siblings, amazing 90s hair and shoulders and best of all, so many montages. And since I'm on Christina Applegate I will also recommend The Sweetest Thing. Funny, smart and a little crass. Like Bridesmaids but 10 years earlier.

Finally, I'm going to assume this was an error of omission because of course you've seen Spice World, right? Not being facetious: perpetually watchable and deliciously tongue-in-cheek.
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I've watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall several times -- always so sweet and funny and cute.
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