Where can I buy a high-quality Godzilla suit?
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Where can I buy a high-quality Godzilla suit? Bonus points for finding a miniature town for sale, suitable for stomping.
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[I hereby nominate this as best question/use of AskMeFi thus far. If only I had an answer.]
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[I second that motion.]
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There's one here.

Making your own would be tuff++.
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Response by poster: That is seriously the most demented looking Godzilla I've ever seen.
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[I third the nomination for best AskMe ever. I wish there were some sort of prize I could award you, Jairus.]

I cannot read Japanese, but here is a link to a page of merchandise tie-ins to the newest Godzilla film. Scroll down just past the black costumes, and there are some Godzilla thingies for sale. I'm about 90% sure these are figurines of some kind, but you never know.

I found this by starting at the homepage of Toho Studios, which has released all the Godzilla films. Maybe you can find some more stuff that way.

Damn, I hope you find this.
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Response by poster: Who would think DRAGON #MUS26106 commands such a high price?
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Response by poster: Jesus christ. Those are some expensive pieces of felt, yo.

For clarification, I'm looking for a costume that closely resembles Godzilla as seen in his many films. Any incarnation of Godzilla is fine -- the old 50s Godzilla, 80s Godzilla, 90's Godzilla, whatever. As long as it looks like Godzilla as he appears in a Toho film.

I once saw a website for a special effects house that custom-built predator suits, and they were many thousands dollars, and very high-quality. Something like that is what I'm looking for, although hopefully with a smaller price tag.
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Best answer: Apparently, the best Godzilla suit was this one designed by Mosugoji for Godzilla vs. Mothra in 1964.

According to this site, Mosugoji is still making Godzilla costumes, and it sounds like he participates in the Monster Costume Makers yahoo group. You might wanna ask there...
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If you find out, let us know here!
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Response by poster: That Yahoo group is perfect. I'm going to email Mosugoji directly, and see if he can custom make a suit.

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Has someone been rewatching One Crazy Summer? ;-)
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Complete model railroad for sale -- $280,000. Comes with house.
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I agree - fantastic use of AskMeFi - what's more I want to applaud the responders for not asking why.

Model railroad fanciers sell lots of different buildings and houses for you to stomp on. But sometimes you can find paper houses that won't hurt yout feet as much when you crush them.
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Best. AskMe. Ever.

What's that silly faux-wrestling group that had Godzilla-esque and other characters? I think I remember them even setting up cardboard or felt buildings and leaping off the ropes into them and generally getting all stompy and goofy. I think one of the characters was even an atom bomb.

And I don't know if I'm highly disturbed by the possibility of this question being related to some kind of furry-esque fetish, or if I'm turned on by it. Like, woah. Freaky.
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loquacious, that would be Kaiju Big Battel.
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