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Where can I find the type of "funny" pics and pages that often get circulated through email or posted on fb? I don't receive any of these forwarded messages anymore, and I don't have a facebook account. I generally don't appreciate the type of humor that I am seeking-- But, someone I care about is laid up and finds [this type of thing I'm looking for] really entertaining, and neither of us know how to source it.

OK to each their own, but I would describe what I'm looking for as corny humor; something Grandpa gets a bang out of. How to cook a turkey on a car engine comes to mind, or a silly photo, captioned in big letters. Maybe some types of lists. Comics. Gifs. Something to make a guy smile that's not too heavy in content and probably generally considered inappropriate for work (maybe).

These things used to arrive at my inbox constantly as forwarded messages, but either they fell out of fashion or people caught on to my not mentioning them? Now I'd love some, and I've used search engines and looked into reddit, with not a great deal of luck-- It takes a lot of looking to find one thing to pass on to my bedridden associate. There must be a goldmine of these somewhere, yeah? Thanks for spreading the cheer ;)
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You mentioned that you tried reddit, but maybe not the right place -- try this.
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A lot of the stuff that gets circulated on Facebook comes from Buzzfeed and Upworthy. Both are click bait, but the content is there.
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Reddit really is where you want to be; try these subreddits:

If you create an account, you can curate your front page by "subscribing" to subreddits and unsubscribing from the subreddits you don't like. Reddit Enhancement Suite significantly improves the viewing experience.
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I can haz Cheeseburger.
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Pinterest's Humor board has a lot of these.
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Maybe some of the Failblog subsites (click 'FAIL Blog' in the menu bar for a listing of subsites) will suit.
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No one mentioned Imgur yet???
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George Takei's Facebook or Twitter feed.
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There's an amazing amount of stuff, much of it tasteless, on the Something Awful Photoshop forum. A lot of the stuff you see other places comes from there.

And then there's 4Chan. But beware, it's hard to maintain your sanity there.
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Buzzfeed is for this. Check out all those listicles that are like "27 pictures that make you laugh every time", "32 dogs that cannot even", etc.
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I can haz Cheeseburger.

I'd also peruse the entire cheezburger network. The one I subscribe to is The Daily What, which has a little bit of everything.
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Photos with big blocky letters and the like are being called "memes" lately, which is a terrible use of a beautiful idea but searching for it plus your genre of choice ("Game of Thrones memes", "kid memes", et cetera) will get you what you want. You might also think about signing your friend up for a facebook account, because it really is a, ahem, treasure trove for this sort of thing.
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9gag might be what you're looking for in the funny picture with captions category.
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Follow novelty accounts on Twitter, like @_youhadonejob or @RadioAstrology, for targeted gags.
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I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I love it.

Edit: Sorry, wrong link.
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Pleated jeans has a lot of this stuff, (obviously from other sources)
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Totally seconding

I go there every day! Also buzzfeed
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Tastefully Offensive is exactly that: constantly updated, good balance of fails, cute cats, and random funny stuff, much with an edge but not completely disgusting or off-putting.
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I'd suggest tastefully offensive too, but I find their tumblr better, because all the videos are grouped into a list, so it doesn't take the page so long to load
posted by 5_13_23_42_69_666 at 8:17 PM on November 18, 2014 has a lot of what you're looking for, though it might be best to just send the link and let them trawl.

Sadly, cracked is pretty ad-heavy and some people say the quality is declining a little... but some of the archived stuff is justifiably awesome.

And yeah, Reddit is the main spawning ground of memes and viral stuff nowadays, I'd say
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