How to remove Sender header ("on behalf of") when sending from Gmail?
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How can I remove the Sender header ("on behalf of") when sending from a different address in Gmail? Will Google Apps help me do what I want?

I am the administrator for the domain One of my users wants to use their existing Gmail account for email. They want to be able to send mail as They can do this with the "Send Mail As" feature of Gmail. So far so good.

But Gmail unfortunately adds "Sender:" in the headers (revealing their Gmail address, which is bad) and Outlook displays " on behalf of" on their messages (which is confusing and unprofessional). See this Google help page at the bottom.

My primary question is: how can I eliminate that Sender header/"on behalf of"?

I read the previous AskMe question that says Google Apps is the solution, but when I set up the domain with Google Apps, it creates an entirely separate Gmail account for My user does not want to have to login to a separate account. The user wants one Gmail account that can send as either or, without the Sender header appearing.

Is this possible with Google Apps, and what do I need to do to enable it? I know I can set up forwarding from to, but when the user sends mail, will he have to login to his Gmail account to avoid the Sender header?

How do people use Gmail and get around this Sender/on behalf of nonsense? Is the only solution to have two separate Gmail accounts?
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you need to use pop3 access built into gmail to send from your server. So when you employee logs into gmail it check mail at your server and sends through that rather than gmails server. You can have gmail set up to check and use google apps messages thats what i do. mefi message me if you need more help.
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It's not universal, it seems to depend on the mail client receiving mail from you. I use an alternate address with my Gmail account. Sometimes I see that Gmail header in emails replies back to me, sometimes I don't. The downside of using an alternate SMTP server is that you lose that consolidated archive of email at GMail, since none of your sent mail will be there.
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I've seen that too and wished it could be eliminated. I've also done some tests and Gmail is not adding that header. It's being added by the recipient's client email application. I've seen it when the recipient is using Outlook.

If I send from Gmail (with the different address) to another email system where I can see the raw message then that header is not there.

There is a difference between the "sender" address and the "from" address. "Sender" is used in the initial part of the invisible conversation that happens between mail servers at the beginning of the message transfer sequence. It also often gets written into the header in a line beginning with Sender:

When you use that feature in Gmail, it only changes the "from" address. "Sender" stays as the original Gmail address. That's probably the correct thing to do because it's still being sent by Gmail. If the "sender" was changed too, it might increase the likelihood of the message being caught in spam filters. I think "sender" is also where bounces go back to.

Outlook recognizes that 'from" and "sender" are different and thinks it's being helpful with that "On behalf of" message. I've noticed that if the recipient is using Mozilla Thunderbird then you still see "From" and "Sender" in the normal brief header but at least it doesn't "On behalf of" when you hit reply. If I receive on my GroupWise system at work then there is no sign of the Gmail address unless I go digging into the full header looking for "Sender:".

Sorry, after all that I don't have a solution if he wants to stay with Gmail other than Google apps.
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You have to send with a non-Google SMTP server, because they are adding the "Sender" header, which is the root of the problem.

To keep the Gmail archive in sync, you'll have to arrange for a bcc: header to be added to the sending GMail account. GMail's smart enough to know that this is Sent Mail.
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Response by poster: hades, my user would like to use the Gmail web interface.

I think Gmail is adding the Sender header. It is true that the Sender header is not displayed in all clients. However, it is displayed in Outlook, which is one of the most popular email clients. Also, having the @gmail address in the header at all is privacy risk, because most email clients will let you view the raw headers even if they don't explicitly display them.

tetranz writes: If I send from Gmail (with the different address) to another email system where I can see the raw message then that header is not there.

That's exactly what I want, but my experience is that the Sender header is always present when I choose a different From address in Gmail. I have viewed the raw headers in several clients and it's always there (unless I use the Google Apps solution; but then that's a whole separate Gmail account).

bonaldi, how can I setup the Gmail web interface to send with a non-Google SMTP server? That's the first thing I wanted to try when this problem came up but I don't think it is possible with the Gmail web interface?
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drew3d, sorry, I now see that I didn't read your first message well at all. I thought you were implying that Gmail was adding the "On behalf of" words. You're correct, the Sender: header is always there. I don't think there is a solution if he wants to send from the Gmail web interface. You have no control of the Sender header and no control of what the recipient's Outlook does.
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Holy cow. It looks like this is finally going to get resolved!
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