Other email accounts on my Gmail.
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Doing my foo@foo.com email stuff on my foo@gmail.com?

I want to be able to read, reply, forward, create new email from my foo@foo.com account using my foo@gmail.com email account. Here's the rub, I want everything that I send from foo@gmail.com account to actually be from foo@foo.com. Is that possible? If so, how do I set this up?
Why I want to do this is immaterial. Let's just say that if I don't set this up, the terrorists win. Terrorists are not allowed to post in this thread.
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Well, you can setup your reply-to/sent from address to be from foo@foo.com as default (or as an option) in the Settings (I'll look for the specifics). It isn't actually from foo.com, but for all intents and purposes it looks like it. Does this help?
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I tried to do this recently. As far as I can tell, you can get most of the functionality you need by setting foo@foo.com to redirect everything to your gmail account and then setting "send mail as" (under the Accounts tab) to your foo.com address. Mail you send will then say "mailed-by gmail.com" in the headers, but the "from" address will be foo.com.

The only big problem with this is that if an e-mail was sent to you and other people, or to a mailing list, you won't see the recipients (you will only see that your foo.com account redirected it to you alone), so there's no ability to reply to all.
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Instructions are on gmail for sending mail from gmail, and having it show up on gmail. The reverse, is dependant upon how you have your mail setup. If using a linux mail server, you can easily edit the aliases file with an entry that says:

foo: foo, foo@gmail.com

which will forward a copy of all mail to your gmail.

If Exchange, you would need to create a contact for foo@gmail.com, and then add then either forward a copy, or add that as the primary mail address for foo@foo.com .

If you use other email, YMMV.
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In gmail: Settings > Accounts.

Add your 'foo@foo.com' account.

You'll have to jump through a few confirmation-style hoops before it's active. After that, you can compose a message at the gmail website and pick which address to send the message as.

Here are the details:

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Settings -> Accounts -> Edit Info
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err.. *having it show up as foo.com*
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There is a caveat. Users using Microsoft Exchange server will see something like the following:

FROM: foo@gmail.com on behalf of foo@foo.com

AFAIK, this will only be the case if they use Outlook or Outlook web access with an Exchange server. (which covers a large proportion of the business world)

So, if you're worried about exposing your gmail account address, keep this in mind.
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Best answer: NoMich, if you sign up for a Google For Domains account - http://www.google.com/a/ - then you will be able to setup a gmail account that actually is foo@foo.com so there would be no pesky on behalf of business in outlook (I went to using this method about a year ago and have never looked back) You can still check your mail through POP access too if you so desire.
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eb98jdb has it right. I do that as well and LOVE IT!
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I once just had my regular old dude@gmail.com account, and I wanted to send/receive as dude@dude.com. I went the route per Wild_Eep's link, but as chrisamiller points out, if you ever deal with any outlook/Exchange users, your gmail address will show up as the "to" address.

I found that to be unacceptable (for one it exposes my gmail address to my recipients, which I thought was unprofessional. plus it was confusing). so i signed up for Apps for My Domain, per eb98jdb's link. and I love it. end of story
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I was coming in here to say that google apps, which is what eb98jdb links to, is exactly what you want. It will do everything and exactly what you want.
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Response by poster: Sorry for not marking eb98jdb's answer sooner, but I just now got around to doing this. Not only was it the correct answer, but it was easy as hell to do. Very cool feature.
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