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Does anyone know the name of this Eames chair, and perhaps where I might procure one?
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Sadly, not at There are molded plastic/fiberglass chairs with the same form, but not with the reclining feature. What is the page that image came from?
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I've never seen the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair (which is the name for the seat portion of that chair) with a desk-chair base like that. I've seen them with the wire base and the rocker base, but not one like that. Could it have been a custom job? Or perhaps a long-discontinued model?
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Response by poster: It's from the "Birth of the Cool" article in the Times.
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You could try Modernica. Marrying this seat to this base comes close. The people at Modernica are terrifically helpful and know their stuff well. They might have a suggestion or solution for you.
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maybe try or
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Just drop the folks at Eames Gallery an email and ask - they are a friendly bunch.
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Seconding firstdrop's suggestion of calling Modernica. They replaced the base (a rocker, not wheels) on a similar chair for us not long ago.
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Is it definitely Eames? The shape of the chair looks more like a Saarinen tulip chair. I have vintage office chairs in that shape, but they don't recline.
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I'm pretty sure the body is the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair body, and the Times caption identifies it as an Eames chair.
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I think it's known as the Tulip chair. I have 5 of them (sitting on one right now, they're surprisingly comfortable), but they're not for sale, sorry.
EBay might be a good place to start - search 'Eames Fiberglass chair'.
FWIW I noticed a few weeks ago that a store here in Ottawa (Bank Street in the Glebe) had one for sale, in cream-yellow, for $400.
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Best answer: Its a Herman Miller Eames Shell Chair. also sometimes known as a "Eames shell management chair". Here is a gallery listing (with image) that confirms it.
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