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What is a cool, upscale housewarming gift for successful professionals?

He's a doctor, she's a lawyer. They're cool, pretty worldly and have an upscale taste. I'd like to get them something original but at the same time useable and fancy. Ideas?
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What's your budget? Where do they live?
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You might check out a museum's(especially a modern art museum) gift shop for some neat housewares.
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How much do you want to spend?
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World Market is a great resource for unique items.
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Ooh one of these gorgeous stainless juicers.
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Single bottle wine chiller, expensive orchid plant, fancy place mats or linen napkins. Napkin rings. Wine charms. See williams sonoma, crate and barrel. Glassware from simon pearce.
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French press, kona coffee.
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A pair of Tiffany champagne flutes.
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How about a monogrammed champagne bucket, like this one from Pottery Barn?
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I just got some beautiful engraved crystal champagne flutes. And I'm happy.
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Depends on what they, individually, like. My own suggestion would be to scan down the category column of Cool Tools and look for an area you know lies in their interests.
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I don't know if it's a regional (Smoky Mountains) thing or not, but I've only ever heard of this tradition here. A lot of people give pig-shaped items as housewarming gifts. They're supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to a new household.
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As they're both busy people, they might appreciate something that makes future hosting duties a bit easier. A gift basket containing everything to make chic drinks in a snap would be one suggestion:

Choose a favorite drink to make, and then select the pieces to go in it: a chic set of the appropriate glasses for the drink (4-6?), bottle(s) of the liquor required, possibly a neat ice-cube tray (there's several neat ones out there at the moment), and whatever other accessories are required - stir sticks, cherries for garnish, whatever you like.
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I'd like to second the contemporary art museum suggestion, ours has just the most amazing original kitchen, dining and living room accessories.
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My friend knitted coasters for me for my housewarming gift. I think they're awesome and people ask about them all the time. I think these on Etsy have a slick mid-century modern look to them.
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I think the orchid suggestion is the best so far, IMHO. It's beautiful and unique and even better if they already have one. They'll look at it every single day, and it could very well turn out to be the first item that catches their eye every time they walk in a room. What more could you want from a gift?
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A traditional housewarming gift often includes bread (so they'll never know hunger) and salt (either so they'll never know tears, or so their life will have season). You could go "high end" and get them a bread club membership from Zingerman's and a variety of fancy salts. If you want something lasting, you might locate a nice salt cellar to store the salt in as well.

Traditions vary to sometimes include honey, wine, rice, a broom, etc... depending on ethnicity. But the bread and salt seem pretty consistent. Having had the chocolate sourdough from Zingerman's, it's a great gift. And depending on your budget, a nice bottle of wine and a set of glasses could be a good addition as well.
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Good liquor, depending on what they like. You can see previous askmes for pretty solid recommendations.
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A lot of upscale designey people I know really like the Voodoo Knife Block, where the knives are stored by stabbing them into in a person-shaped knife block. (I would never put an icon like this in my own home, but hey, de gustibus non est disputandum.)

Personally, I know I would enjoy some Bacon Chocolate. Or a pear-shaped terrarium.
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Juicy Salif
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Get a playfully chic vase/bowl/dust collector from Jonathan Adler!!! My personal favorite is the little Salvador Vase.
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Membership in a local arts organization or charity that is for people who are into the same things they are into?
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Anything from Chilewich. I especially like their placemats; you only need to wipe--not wash--and they are fantastically modern in style.
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