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Have I just witnessed the first pan-European political campaign advert?

When I go to certain sites, such as here or here I've noticed that I receive an advert for the political party Libertas. The advert more or less goes like this in English:

"Should you get to vote on the new European constitution?"
"Brussels says NO"
"We say YES!"
"Sign the petition @ libertas.eu"

Obviously they're campaigning for the upcoming European elections, but I also know that they bill themselves as a pan-European party. So are they just targetting me in the UK, or is this translated and targetted at all Europeans? Do you see it in your home language on certain sites with roughly the same message? I can't check this myself, but I would like to know whether or not you've run across it.

I'm a politics student (not a Libertas supporter!) and would love to know if this is the first time we've all been exposed to the same campaign advert.
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This seems to be the exact same ad in German. I haven't seen the ad anywhere, but my exposure to these things is pretty low.
posted by creasy boy at 11:26 AM on May 11, 2009

Yep, I see the same ad in Polish and English (when I VPN) all the time. Libertas is a pan-European party, no reason why they shouldn't run pan-European ads.
posted by jedrek at 12:17 PM on May 11, 2009

Saw it on Facebook too, so yes, maybe.

Pet peeve: the town of "Brussels" doesn't have anything to do with overregulation, byzantine laws and/or a democratic deficit. In fact, when you live here for a while, you come to the realization that the town of Brussels itself is actually not being run at all.
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