Running Jtrac as root on Jetty
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Any ideas on how to run JTrac as the root context on Jetty or failing that a context that redirects to the app?

We are running a pretty standard installation of Jtrac which when deploys on http://server/jtrac and would like it to run on the root, e.g. http://server, unfortunately between Jtrac and Jetty I am a little lost.

There is no root context at http://servername, but the standard 404 error page "No context on this server matched or handled this request. Contexts known to this server are..."

I guess it is down to configuration in the /etc/jetty.xml or webdefault.xml. At this stage I would settle for a custom context that would re-direct to /jtrac but cannot find clear instructions on how to write this either.

Anyone have any pointers, documentation is patchy. Thanks!
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Best answer: I think the code snippet here will get it done, if you change the contextPath from "/test" to just "/". I haven't actually used Jetty so apologies if this is obviously wrong, but it's similar to what you'd do in Tomcat which I am familiar with.
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Response by poster: Thanks WAI - that was the direction that I needed. Changing the <arg>/jtrac</arg> to <arg>/<arg> did the trick inside org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext section of jetty.xml, I swear I tried a thousand combinations in this file before but missed this one. It is hard when you don't even know you are on the right track.
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