Where can I get NES carts in NYC?
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Where can I buy original working Nintendo (NES) cartridges in NYC?
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Best answer: I used to work at Video Games New York back when it was St. Mark's Games. I remember a lot of old titles and collectors stuff. Give em a call.
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Best answer: Video Games NY has a wall of Nintendo cartridges. Seriously.
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Response by poster: Awesome. How much do their NES games cost, on average?
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VGNY will have what you want but they are pricey.
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I see these in pawn shops all the time... not in NYC (never been there) but everywhere else I've been.
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Does it have to be in NYC, or are you willing to pay-to-ship? My buddy works for a place called Vintage Videos and Games in West Virginia, they've got some of everything. Like....everything. Name a system, they've got it plus games. Shoot me a memail if you're looking for something special. They're very inexpensive IIRC, depending on the rarity of the game. Like...$2.
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Price ranges a lot dependent upon the game (I'd say $10-20 but also I think Duck Hunt is like $2). The gold Zelda cartridge was absurd, we ended up getting it on eBay.
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VGNY has market prices. Their staff is amazingly knowledgeable and knows the going rate for just about everything. So don't go there expecting deals, but they're not ripping you off either.

That said, do research prices before you go, they may not be as up to date on the prices for slow moving stuff.
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