Finding housework help for grandmother in Springfield, NJ
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How to find someone to do errands/light housework regularly for my grandmother in North-Central NJ?

So, my beloved gramma is having some health issues lately and needs someone to come to her condo in Springfield, NJ (Union) and do the things that have become too painful for her. She doesn't need any home health care stuff--just someone to take out the trash, bring in the mail, retrieve things off high shelves, do some vacuuming & possibly laundry, etc.

She used to have a woman from Jewish Family Services scheduled to come once a week but she was very unreliable, so I'm trying to find someone new. Ideally, this person would come by once or twice a week to run errands. It's important that they NOT be a flake. I think she might prefer a woman but either way I'm looking for someone personable who will chat with her a little & she can feel comfortable with.

Scratch that--ideally, *I* would come by regularly and do this for Gramma. Unfortunately, I live halfway across the country, which is also making it hard for me to find someone. Personal recommendations would be unbelievably rad, but I'm also looking for general strategies on, well, finding good help these days. I'm a little wary of craigslist, especially since I won't be able to meet anyone I hire. Someone suggested talking to a social worker in the area who works with elderly folks, but I'm not sure where to begin there either.

Thanks for your help!
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Here's a link I've had saved for a while: Home Instead Senior Care.
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I can't make a local recommendation, but you are right to be very concerned about finding a reputable person. There are many people out there who will prey on the elderly, taking advantage of them financially or actually putting them in danger by behaving recklessly in their company. If you go the agency route, find one that bonds their workers and does background checks. For such light duties, a maid service is an option. Talk to your grandmother about her relationship with the worker, and pay attention to any red flags (too friendly, too mean, bringing people to the house with them, stuff disappearing). Good luck with this, and I hope your grandmother feels better soon.
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