SEO Filter: My boss has asked me for a blue sky list of SEO tools. What are your favorites?
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SEO Filter: My boss has asked me for a blue sky list of SEO tools. What are your favorites? (more details inside)

I work for a firm that does online marketing and PR. I started with them as an intern, but got hired to help out with our search practice. I've been apprenticing, so to speak, doing mainly organic search for the past year or so.

A lot of the work I do is keyword research, where I will take a term relevant to our client and give them insights on what people really mean when they search for this term. To do this, we subscribe to keyword discovery. This lets us plug in one main term and will return up to 1000 actual queries containing that term along with their relative popularity.

We also do optimization by page, where we will take a set of pages and find the best relevant unique keyword for each. We then pepper that keyword into the different tags and meta info on the page in an attempt to rank highly for that keyword in Google.

My boss approached me asking for a blue sky list of SEO tools, assuming no restrictions on price. As I haven't been in the industry long, I'm really not sure what to ask for. Some quick and dirty searching has led me to software called SEO Elite. Not sure if that's really for me. I also am considering a subscription to SEOmoz to learn best practices and such. So finally, my question to all of you MeFite SEOs: What paid tools make your job easier? Or, what tools do you wish you had access to but don't due to budgetary restrictions?
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One we use is: IBP. It is fairly easy to use and will tell you how your pages compare to the top ten in any given search. It will give you a detailed report on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It was also fairly inexpensive as well.
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I find many of these helpful:

SEOBook tools

And this is also pretty good:

SEM Rush
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