"I don't wanna work/I just wanna bang on the drums all day."
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What are the best electronic drum kits on the market not named "V-drums"?

After playing lots of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I'm pining to get a drum kit again. I used to have on through the first year of college, but ended up selling it because it became cumbersome in frequent moves and, frankly, didn't endear me to neighbors.

I used to be really deep into drumming culture - I used to have all 40 rudiments memorized, used to read my copies of Modern Drummer religiously...but life got in the way, and I'm simply not as "in the know" about gear as I used to be.

I'd love to buy some electronic drums, because they tend to take up a smaller footprint than an acoustic set, and because most have headphone jacks, they're suburban-friendly. I would obviously love to have a set a V-Drums, but alas - the economy is down, and so are my coffers.

What are some of the more budget-friendly electronic drum kits out there that won't sound like I'm trying out for an '80s New Wave band when I play them?
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There are some DIY options for drum triggers, assuming you're okay with having your computer generate the sounds.
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My husband LOVES his Yamaha DTX Version 2.0, and so do I. It's super quiet; it just sounds like a lot of tapping and clicking coming from the basement. But oh! the sounds you can make in the headphones! The acoustic sound is really, really close to a real acoustic set, says my husband. And there are all kinds of super ridiculous sounds, too, that thrill the kids.

I'm sure you could find a used set really easily.
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I'm going to check out the Yamaha, thx! I have had this same exact question brewing for a while.
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I was going to ask this, too! I could have matched your question to the letter (Rock Band and Guitar Hero are responsible).
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I'm going to recommend the Roland TD-4. It's their new "entry level" model but it's got amazingly realistic sounds and top notch hardware. In my opinion it's worth spending a little more than you'd prefer for something that you know you're gonna spend an inordinate amount of time and energy on.
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Dang, that TD-4 sounds great. Yes the Yamaha DTX v.2 is cheaper - because its a couple years old.
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Another vote for the Yamaha stuff, I have a DTXpress 3 (it was about $1000 when I bought it, probably less on eBay now) and it's a great kit. I've been playing drums for a few years and although it's not the same as an acoustic set, it's a lot of fun and works great.
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Just another note: my husband has had that set for about 10 years now and it shows no signs of giving out any time soon.
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