Help me find websites that trade or sell gently used cosmetics.
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Help me find websites that trade or sell gently used cosmetics.

Found this thread from 2006; is there anything other than Makeup Alley? Ebay is not the best. I'm looking for a specific very expensive moisturizer. I saw that Makeup Alley has some bad reviews of this product and I wonder what those people did with what they had left. I'm not worried about sanitary issues, this has a very sanitary container.

Thank you!
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Yes, I'm curious -- why don't you try MUA? They are absolutely the best for this sort of thing. You can use their search feature for "notepads," where people usually list the items or at least brands that they are interested in swapping away/swapping for.
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I would get in touch with the author of -- she seems pretty savvy, and I know I've seen her mention swapping. She might be able to point you in the right direction.
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Response by poster: Yes I have contacted the recent reviewers, fingers crossed! Telegraph, I'm not having any luck finding the notepads feature. I searched swap and there were no matches.
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Response by poster: Ok found the notepads.
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Aside from MakeupAlley, Specktra is a large site with a section for swaps. I've never tried them, only MUA. Good results, and the feedback feature is easy.

What you want to find out are if people you're dealing with are on any "swaplifters" lists. These are people who don't send their end or who send bad/dmaged product.

The notepads are a good feature, but you can search people's swaplists too. Go here to do that and type the name of the product.
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I like super expensive stuff too and I think eBay and MUA are tops.
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eBay doesn't allow used cosmetic sales due to sanitary/health regulations.
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Response by poster: No luck with the bad reviewers. one returned it and one has enough money to have THROWN IT AWAY.
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