Supplemental income through options on the internet or at-home work – what are my options?
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Supplemental income through options on the internet or at-home work – what are my options?

I am looking for a/some supplemental income through options on the internet or that allow me to work from home.
I am fairly educated and have a full time job along with some contract-teaching at a local community college (currently out of session). I am looking for work that may be more obscure that would require part-time work on a non-scheduled basis (can be done at any time).
I have a hard time searching for this as I frequently run into many scams so it is now more difficult that I have to research the research to figure out if it is legit.
I thought I would poll the wonderful minds out there and see what everyone has heard of.
Some things that I have heard of and would be interested in learning more but have not found anything:
-Proof reading (collegiate work/dictation/transcription)
-Consumer Panels/Surveys
-Any other suggestions
Really looking for something that can be done at home, flexible-minimal hours, paid-by-completion/word/amount processed/done.

Thank you!
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This is a great website that can probably answer all your questions:
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For proofreading you should be posting ads on craigslist and at universities in your area, offering your services.
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Become a ChaCha Guide.
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I do a little standardized test scoring on the side through ETS - check here to see if they're taking applications for anything you'd be qualified for.

It may or may not be the right fit for you - they do make you work in 4-hour shifts at certain times and pay hourly, but it can be done from home, and there are evening/weekend shifts available.
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You mentioned surveys. e-Rewards offers those for compensation. My account is configured such that I am 'rewarded' through uPromise credits. I don't remember if that is the sole arrangement available or if I opted for that, but even if it was the former, I offer the option to you just in case uPromise credit would be of use to you.
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A couple of threads where the question is discussed -

This one is centered on scams but has practical input as well. Note my comment with good tags to search around for more threads.

This one is work-from-home focused.

I've been fully work-from-home for 4+ years and work isn't easy to find or keep and there are always catches of one sort or another. With the constraints you desire you will be hard-pressed to find work that isn't exceptionally poorly paid.
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I heard about FlexJobs on NPR and it actually seems legit -- anyone have experience with it? But it does look like you have to pay to join.
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Online freelance writing?


I have no direct experience with either of them. For, it appears they will guarantee you a certain minimum payment, plus provide incentives based on the number of pageviews you get. I imagine this makes search engine optimization as much part of the jobs as the writing. The payment for examiner is probably worse, since they won't tell you what it is, but it appears to be entirely based on pageviews and ad revenue.
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More information about pay rates from It seems more like a hobby than a job; you make an order of magnitude less than with So probably scratch that one.
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