Navigating Safari 4 tabs with Firefox shortcuts?
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Looking for a way to use Firefox keyboard shortcuts with Safari 4 on the Mac

I'm trying to ditch Firefox (which acts as if I'm doing some type of fancy 3D rendering everytime I open up more than a few tabs) but find myself lost without the ability to switch to a specific tab with Command - #, # being the number of the tab.

I know that in Safari 4, it is Command + Shift + { or } to go left or right through tabs, but I'm really partial to the Firefox way of doing things. Currently, Command + # in Safari takes me to a specific bookmark from the navigation bar...

So -- is there any way to change this behavior in a secret settings panel or with a 3rd party app? (btw, I'm on a Mac w/ Leopard).

Thanks for any suggestions
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Not sure if TinkerTool will do it, but it does lots of things like that. Good luck!
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Just chiming in to say I'd love to know the answer to this question as well. I'm so comfortable with Firefox tab navigation that I can't use Safari - I keep losing my current page by accident when I think I'm just Command-#-ing over to another tab. It seemed like it be a trickier fix, if Safari internally doesn't even think of its tabs sequentially...
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I don't have a Mac, so I can't do this, but I found here that

This local URL will give you a comprehensive list of all the keyboard shortcuts supported in Safari:

So, if you're on a Mac, theoretically you should be able to click here to see a list of keyboard shortcuts. Someone will have to check for me.
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I just checked -- TinkerTool does not do this.
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