Which long-term care facility would you recommend in Halton Region?
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Which long-term care facility would you recommend in Halton / Waterloo Region?

Which nursing homes/long term care facilities in Halton Region (preferably) or Waterloo Region, would you recommend based on your experiences?

My Grandma just had a stroke, paralyzing her on her left side. My grandparents will not be able to return to their current home so they will need to move into a long-term care facility. They will need to be together, and cost is not an issue.

My mum would like to hear positives as well as negatives about any facility within the regions mentioned above.

If you have longer answers here's a throwaway email: ltchalton@gmail.com
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A simple rule -- if the place smells like pee, walk away. The facility is not providing sufficient basic care for its residents.

This is the single best filter of substandard places I know of. Passing this test doesn't mean the place is good, but it will help you save time as you check places out.
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I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I have heard good things about Halton Extendacare (Georgetown) and have visited in there a few times and the residents seem happy and well looked after. I have no personal experience though.
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