Spotify & Internet Radio?
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I am a keen user of Spotify which I use religiously, I am also the proud owner of a Revo iBlik RadioStation which allows me to listen to thousands of internet radio stations. I'd like to figure out someway to listen to the music from Spotify on my radio station without any wires.

One way I thought I could get around this is set up my own 'radio station' on my computer and stream it to my radio. What software (on the mac (10.5) would you reccomend me using to stream spotify, and is this at all possible?

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Something like this to broadcast audio from your mac via short range FM radio (usb powered)?

Or, if you don't mind using rechargable batteries, there's a cheaper version that just plugs into your headphone jack - I use one in my car for my MP3 player, and it works fine.

While it's certainly possible you may be able to 'pipe' the audio output of spotify into the streaming input support of the iBlik with software, and just do it over wifi, I can't find what mechanism the iblik uses for audio streaming on the mac end, so can't offer any suggestions.
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Response by poster: thats an interesting idea I'll have to look into that.

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You want Nicecast. It's a program that takes any audio playing on your Mac and turns it into an MP3 streaming radio station, same as every other internet radio station.
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