December travel recommendations
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Where is the best place to travel in December?

December in Canberra is hot, windy and deserted -- help us have a fantastic time somewhere else!

Our holidays are in December this year, and we (late 20s couple) are wondering if there are any places around the world where December is the time to visit. We're based in Australia, but willing to travel anywhere.

Is there a December event or festival that simply can't be missed? Or a spot where the climate is perfect this time of year? Neither of us is religious, so Christmas isn't a consideration -- except as far as it concerns Christmas markets and their delicious components.

Bonus points for options that include non-air travel for at least part of the trip -- think trains, or interesting car trips.
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I usually spend December in Cairo. Wonderful time of the year to visit, very mild weather wise, I always wear a T Shirt but the locals are generally in heavier clothes.

Got pictures from a 2003 and a 2005 visit here to entice you. I worked there for a spell as well, and December is the time to be in Cairo; June & July are oven like by comparison.

Although when Cairo gets a little too tense politically, I've gone to Bombay. Weather is pretty much the same, folks are somewhat less pushy trying to sell you stuff
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It's a popular time of year to visit Southeast Asia.
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Queenstown, NZ is good at any time of the year...
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Hong Kong around Christmas time is pretty awesome. The generally fantastic lights of the city are even more extensive then.
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India's good. Perfect beach temperatures in the South while in the north you might be able to score a few hipster points by skiing in the Himalayas.
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Thirding southeast Asia.
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During December there are some cool Christmas markets in western Europe, and it's also a relatively quiet time for tourists here, so it's a nice time for a visit actually. It's not so crowded and you can get cheaper airfares and accommodations. (As long as you don't mind, long nights, coldish temperatures, and the possibility of a long stretch of kind of dismal weather -- but seriously, it's a cool time for a slightly more unusual trip to France, Belgium, Germany, etc.).
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i had a great time in both buenos aires, argentina and barcelona, spain when i was there in december.
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Death Valley and environs are actually pretty nice when it's not Summer in North America.
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