Eclectic music Radio recommendations please!
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Hey all, I'm looking for some listenable eclectic international music radio stations. I'm a rock/indie lover, but get bored listening exclusively to it like on BBC Radio 6 or Radio Paradise. Paris Radio FIP is great, but I'd like to vary things a bit and sometimes am not in the mood for jazz hour.

I know a bit of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French so would welcome some stations from countries with these languages.

Like a lot:

Radar Lisboa (though a little too indie)

Like a bit:

Radio Paradise
BBC Radio 6
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I really enjoy Radio P3 from Sweden. There are a bunch of different DJs with different programs archived and available for streaming. Music på svenska is, naturally, played quite a lot, but it's very eclectic and international (it was the first place I heard Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore, for instance). And, of course, Swedish music is really amazing itself.
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Response by poster: Or Sweden!!!
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CBC Radio 3 is awesome.

Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW is also really good.
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Seconding KCRW.
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Thanks for introducing me to FIP. Apart from BBC6 Music you might also like BBC Radio 3's Late Junction.
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