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I am looking for an alternative bluetooth mac keyboard that has the same functions keys as bog-standard mac keyboard. Any suggestions?
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What don't you like about the standard mac keyboard -or- what are you trying to find that it doesn't have?

Can't type today - what do you want that you're not getting in the standard?
posted by unixrat at 10:13 AM on April 16, 2009

I'll just guess he hates the standard Mac bluetooth keyboard because it's missing the numeric keypad, the cursor keys, and so on. (I'd love a BT version of the normal one, but the Apple wireless keyboard is not that, it's a chopped mutant baby travesty.)

I have looked but found nothing good yet, wtildesley.
posted by rokusan at 10:17 AM on April 16, 2009

Ummm....I'm looking at my Mac wireless keyboard right now, and it's the same one that I have on my MacBook pro. I guess it depends on what elements you're looking for...
posted by foxy_hedgehog at 10:19 AM on April 16, 2009

Best answer: Maybe the old Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard? See here. I've got one and like it well enough, and feel that the number pad is nice to have. They also didn't cripple the capslock key, like they have on current models (wired and wireless). But it is a lot heavier, if that's a concern, and is probably hard to find these days.

In case you aren't aware you can re-map the keys on a standard Windows keyboard so the Command, Alt/Option, and Control keys are in the correct-for-mac places. That should open up a lot more keyboard choices. I don't know of any non-Apple Apple bluetooth keyboards.
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The older Bluetooth Keyboard is probably what you want, but you'd have to find a shop that's still selling it, or someone selling it used. I think the newer keyboard is nicer to type on.
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I did find a non-Apple keyboard. Looks kind of gimicky, though.
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Wait, I've been thinking about this. Do you want the f13-15? That seems to be the difference between the current keyboard and the current BT keyboard.

C'mon, poster. Come back!
posted by unixrat at 10:40 AM on April 16, 2009

Response by poster: unixrat no i don't much care for the extra f keys
posted by nam3d at 10:46 AM on April 16, 2009

Response by poster: for anyone thats interested, i just dont like the size of bluetooth keyboard
posted by nam3d at 10:50 AM on April 16, 2009

Use any bluetooth keyboard. I use a Dell PC kayboard with my macbook (wired though) and it works fine. The Windows key becomes the Cmd key and everything else is fine.
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Foxy, you missed the third official option, the Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad, which only comes in a wired version.

(It's also the only one of the new 'thin metal' breed that I can stand, myself.)
posted by rokusan at 11:26 AM on April 16, 2009

Logitech has a few keyboards with Mac-specific layouts, including a few bluetooth ones.
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There's a range of very inexpensive Mac keyboards out there. For the life of me I can't remember the brand name. However, my advice is to avoid them like the plague.

I bought one a year or two ago, and it was simply unable to keep up with my touch-typing speed. Weird characters would be inserted, and letters missed out. They sent me another but it was identically poor. I took it up with the company and they as much as admitted their keyboards were extremely poor quality, and that I should buy a different brand if I wanted one that actually worked. I think they aim their keyboards at people who hunt-and-peck type, so never get above, say, 60 words per minute.
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There's the MacAlly BTKey; I haven't used this model but used to use a lot of wired MacAlly keyboards and mice as replacements for lab iMacs and they always held up very well.
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Response by poster: thanks guys looks like i just have to stick with the Apple BT keyboard.
posted by nam3d at 8:42 AM on April 17, 2009

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