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Please help me find a website from the past that explained what soundtracks commercials were using.

I am looking for a website that was fairly popular in the IT circles I as in back around 2000/2001. It was dedicated to posting new commercials, and sourcing their soundtracks. I ended up buying quite a few CDs based on hearing songs in commercials and being able to find out quickly through that site, who and what I was listening to.

I'm pretty sure the site is long dead and gone. I believe there was some legal scuffle over it, and it went the way of the dodo. What I'd like to find out is, what was it? What was the story of it's creation and demise? And, if possible, has anyone done anything like it since, or currently?
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Commercial Breaks & Beats? There's a short explanation of what happened still on the site.
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Well, I'm not sure about a website that's dead, but adtunes is still very much alive and well.
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Adtunes? I seem to remember one, in forum format, that was called something like "What Was That?", but I can't find it now.
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UK TV Adverts was - and is - a useful source of info for UK advert theme songs.
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Best answer: Were you possibly thinking of AdCritic? They used to be the go-to place for watching ads online in my circle of friends back in the day, and I think they always had links to the music featured in the ad. They're still sort of around at AdCritic.com - they got purchased by an advertising industry magazine, went commercial only, got renamed, etc.
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Response by poster: AdCritic! thats the one. I was told they went offline due to legal issues posting commercial videos and such... and I could never remember the name correctly to dig back into them when I got interested again. Or maybe I did and it just didn't come up as the same thing. Seems they're not anything like they once were. Thanks agentmunroe!
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