Minnesota Vikings - buy tickets now or from scalpers on game day?
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Roadtrip to see Minnesota Vikings. I'm looking to head to Minneapolis in November to catch a Vikings game and I'm wondering what my chances are of getting tickets from a scalper on game day. We'll have 4 or 5 guys and we obviously want to sit together, is that even possible from a scalper? Any suggestions for accommodations and other activities to take in on the weekend?
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Best answer: I'd start running an ad on Minneapolis' Craigslist. There's always a lot of buying/selling of Vikings tix.
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I don't know about the Vikings specifically, but it's best to buy ahead of time. I've done the road trip for sporting events a number of times. You're going to get overcharged if they have 5 tickets together. If you don't, they won't have tickets.

If you're going to go, don't take the risk of there not being tickets. That would be an awful time.
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Only been there once- a few years ago. There is a hotel across the street from the arena the NBA team plays in. The Meridien. I remember it had a nice bar. And there was a club in the lower level.

If it's nice outside you can actually walk to the NFL stadium from the hotel. I assume it's the same stadium the Twins play in.
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Why not just buy them when they go on sale?
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Best answer: Here is a post someone asked about other things to do during the weekend.

I would also suggest either buy the tickets when they go on sale or look on Craigslist. Why get ripped off by scalpers when you don't have to?
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Best answer: In previous years, there were always people selling tickets on every street corner, but I doubt if any of them had 5 tickets together. I saw more than once where a scalper with a 'need tickets' sign buy tickets from someone, turn around and whip out a new sign advertising the tickets for sale that they just bought.

Within the last year or so, the laws for scalping in MN changed and it's now legal; i.e. be prepared to pay well over face value, especially for 5 together. I would bite the bullet and buy in advance from the normal ticket avenues. Vikings tix aren't all that outrageous compared to other venues, and you can still get a pretty decent view from just about any seats, and the nosebleeds can be relatively cheap.

Any hotel downtown will be spendy, but it's an off time of year so you might find good deals online. Consider any of the hotels nearby to the Mall of America, and take the train from there to the Dome; they'll be cheaper.

If you'll have a car, most of the inner-ring suburbs will have decent accommodations. Check the schedule for the Mpls Convention Center on your planned weekend; if there's anything major going on the hotels downtown will be spendy.

As for other stuff, consider:
- Make it a sports weekend... take in a Wild game. Or a Wolves game if you want to watch them lose.
- Casino Run: Mystic Lake (30min) and Treasure Island (45min) are relatively convenient, but we don't have craps or roulette - got to go to cheeseland for that. We have poker rooms too.
- Mall of America - not much of a 'Guy's Weekend' venue IMO, but it's convenient via the train from downtown.
- If the weather is nice, bring your golf clubs. Most courses in MN stay open till it snows - I've golfed in well into December before, it all depends on that year's fall climate lotto. Close to downtown, Francis Gross, Hiawatha, and Wirth are all respectable public courses; countless semi-privates exist as well. Check the weather soon before you arrive. Weather here in November can range from 70 and sunny to a foot of snow and 20. If it's snowy, there are several ski slopes within 60-90 minutes... it's not Aspen, but it's something.
- Sheiks (sp?) is the respectable "Men's Club" downtown, if you're into that. Stay away from the 'Vu.
- Jaunt over to St. Paul and take the Summit Brewery tour.
- Mill City Ruins / St Anthony Falls / Stone Arch Bridge are all right together, and are pretty neat to explore. I wouldn't expect to see anything coming through the locks that time of year, but still a neat area.
- You should try to at least eat at Hell's Kitchen once.
- The earlier in November you go, the prettier the drive around the Minneapolis chain of lakes will be. Calhoun, Harriet, Lake of the Isles - google "Grand Rounds Scenic Byway".

Feel free to MeFiMail me for more info.
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I think its a terrible idea to go see the Minnesota Vikings, but then again I am a Packers fan.

Regardless, as a purchaser of scalped tickets many a time, I don't think you'll get lucky enough to buy five in a row. Especially if they are playing a decent team, and probably not even if its a stupid team.

Scalpers are almost always reselling extras and pairs. You might be able to get a group of three and a group of two.

Like everyone else - go the Craigslist route.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the all the info everybody. Never thought of Craigslist.

@Squidlips, great info, thank you. Had no idea scalping was legal now, that can only be good for the scalpers.
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The demand for Vikings tickets has been very elastic depending on how the team is doing. You could check out a site like StubHub and find many offers of tickets at sometimes reasonable prices. You definitely would be able to find 5 seats together there.
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