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What constitutes "mainstream" with regards to fetishes? [MI]

I'm writing something in which a character has a fetish which affects his relationships with the people he dates. I know that all fetishes do that to an extent, but I'm looking for something not-too-common, something that a regular person wouldn't think, "hey, that sounds fun," with no thought about it.

So, like, a guy who enjoys ladies' underwear? Probably pretty common, probably easy enough to go with. Puppy fisting? Perhaps a little too extreme.

My experiences with sex and porn and such skew toward "not normal," so I don't really have a good grasp on what normal people think is "not normal."

So, umm, what's just weird enough to be considered "not normal?"
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Wheelchairs dude.
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Puppy fisting is a horrible thing to write! It's also not a fetish. A fetish is where you give a sexualized meaning to something, often an object but also a behavior, that normally wouldn't have a sexual definition. They are the more interesting the odder and less sexual or predictable an object you pick.

(on preview, yes, wheelchairs!)
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Masks, or pegging-- are you looking for something just slightly weirder than crossdressing? If you're looking for truly bizarre, start going through old Savage Love columns for the ones that surprise even Dan Savage.
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I think you should think showers. Either of the Roman or the Golden variety.

I think they're far enough for mainstream without causing everyone to run and scream in absolute disgust... or not.. I'm not sure.
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I've heard of people who have fetishes for vomit and I've heard of people with fetishes for the inflated balloon makes when you rub it on your head.
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girls with balloons
girls with glasses
girls who're sneezing (about to sneeze)
giant girls
muscle girls
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I would say the most hilarious and upsetting fetish I've found on the Internet is for sex with geese. Just absolutely upsetting.
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Fursuiters (and generally speaking, furries) totally freak my stuff out, and I'm pretty damn deviant.

Yeah, you. Over there. Put that simulated dolphin wang away before I burn it, you amoral pancakehumper.
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Chicks wearing headphones is a fetish that I find curious but harmless. The conjoined-twin fetish is...more alarming.
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I think any given fetish is weird enough to throw most people off-balance. That's why it's called a "fetish," and not "normal." A sexual attraction to women's breasts is normal; a sexual attraction to women's shoes is a fetish.

(I'm not saying the lines are fair; I'm just saying.)
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I think what "most" people consider "normal" would be something like light S&M and maybe vibrators. Everyone probably likes being spanked.

Pretty much everything beyond that would probably seem weird to most mainstream folks. Stuff like people that cut themselves and like to bleed, people that dress up as clowns and then have sex, even people that have swinger parties are kinda oddball.
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Also, amputees, the mentally disabled, various food fetishes, cosmetic surgery, and girls who like really sweaty guys.
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I'd agree with pegging (female on male strap on) as a good option for you. From what I remember being told (really I didn't see the issue...) it showed up in an issue of Hustler - one issue. Why this is important? Well it's mainstream enough to show up once in Hustler, and thus a turning point for the acceptance of the fetish, and two, from what I know, it only showed up once which means it wasn't all that of a turning point towards acceptance.

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crushing sounds interesting, for a book
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hmm... my 'out there' dial might be set a bit higher than some people's (when i saw pegging mentioned in the thread, i had to remind myself most male/female couples wouldn't have tried that), so mileage variance may occur and so on. but that said, i'd put the following around the kind of level you're looking for:

medical fetishes (beyond just dressing up as nurses etc - we're talking strapping down, purchase and use of implements, enemas, skinbreaking, serious roleplay and so on)

crush (the foot-on-animals/objects kind might be a bit arkward to incorporate into a narrative, but facecrushing/trampling could work)

humiliation (public humiliation fetishes, in my experience, tend to link into crossdressing (particularly of the sissy-slut variety), ageplay/regression, and pretty serious roleplay. maybe a little too unusual, though...)

encasement (rubber-doll, mannequin or as a part of other BDSM activities, or even with appliances attached if you're looking to cast the net a bit further)

giant/giantess/size enlargement's interesting, too, although if you're not planning on a very tall character, i guess it'd end up staying fairly private for the fetishist, so it's probably not what you're after.
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Toothbrush(ing) fetish. I can't link out to anytyhing germane since I'm at work, but it's there. Google knows.
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I would be sufficiently weirded-out, but not disgusted, if a partner suggested pony-play.
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If you don't recognize something on this diagram it's probably a good candidate.
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Watersports really is the new mainstream fetish. It was even featured in Penthouse for a few years. It's not as extreme as many others, but is still 'un-normal' enough to get some people riled up.
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Damn, catachresoid's diagram makes me feel so..... vanilla.
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While we're all here, can someone tell me what the acronym GGG stands for? It's some sort of fetish that turned up in Savage's colum a couple of times over the past month and it's completely perplexed me. It seems to have something to do with guys who are into having their girlfriends work them over with a strap ons, but I've also seen it in reference to harder stuff, like electrostim and serious bondage.

So, can anyone corrupt me a little and provide a definition?
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GGG stands for "good, giving, and game," which, according to Mr. Savage describes the non-fetishy partner who is willing to explore the other's interests.

On second thought, I'm not 100% sure about "good," but it's something along those lines.

(always willing to corrupt)
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mmcg: GGG doesn't stand for a fetish, but an attitude: Good, Giving, and Game. As in willing to experiment, or even willing to perform certain acts for the sake of your partner, even if they don't really do much for you. This doesn't include acts that genuinely disturb your comfort level or boundaries, but does mean being willing to try something that you might not have considered before.

Dan Savage as far as I'm concerned only gets it right about half the time, so I'm not really a fan, but in the context of his column that's what the acronym means.

Also, that link above to the zoophilic goose sex left me seriously disturbed.
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I'll volunteer mind control.
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In his essay on fetishism, Freud gave the example of a patient who received sexual gratification from a "shine on the nose" of a woman. Interesting essay in any case, if you're interested in the psychanalytic interpretation of fetishism.
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If pony-play isn't the perfect Mefi fetish, I don't know what is.
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I think that pegging isn't likely to be a universal freakout among urban twenty- and thirty-somethings anymore.

Golden showers, on the other hand, and scat play still have the power to freak people out. I think, too, that anything sexual involving diapers has a powerful squick factor for the vast majority of people who don't share that kink.
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Thanks for the diagr, catachresoid. I had forgotten completely about "human furniture".

Oddly, they have "fat admirers" on there, but not "anorexiphiles". I'm too tired to look for anorexic porn sites right now, but I've certainly seen some scary ones. Apparently there are bulimia fetishists too.
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I think any of the handicapped fetishes are odd/interesting because to a "normal" a handicap would be a turn-off rather than a turn-on. This might be extra limbs, missing legs, or gaping wounds. It runs the gamut from men attracted to women who have an artificial eye to women lusting for men who have hook hands. I always find this intriguing in a character-- what would cause somebody to be attracted to something everyone else considers repulsive. Must be a background story there.
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Try Geoff Nicholson's novel Footsucker.
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Pegging wins!

Actually, it wins for plot purposes; being reminded of its existence kinda gave me a couple of ideas for the character, so pegging it is. But yeah, it's pretty tame.

Oh, and scat/vomit = icky. The question could've been phrased better, but I was mostly looking for stuff that's freaky, but just freaky enough, not "Superfreaky," if I may be Rick James for a moment. Bitch.

This one was a close second.
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if you haven't already, you may want to check this site out. it's just a brief surface/summary startoff page for unusual fetishes, but i remember being surprised by some of the stuff mentioned. giantism, crushing, and balloons were all new to me the first time i saw the site (maybe a year or two ago).
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Um...women getting tickled counts as a fetish...or just foreplay gone overboard.

Actually...sounds pretty good either way. Ok, I'm in.
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BBW, naturally.
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For the sake of completeness, the Hentai Dictionary is a good source for such brainstorming.

And, good point Sidhedevil. That diagram could use a "shrink" top level category to match the "growth" one.
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