What designer/brand of shirt has one odd orange coloured button?
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What designer/brand of men's dress shirt features one odd colored orange button, at the bottom, on the front?

I was at a conference today, and noticed a guy wearing a dress shirt that featured one odd orange button at the bottom of the shirt. I almost made a joke of it, but later noticed 2 other guys wearing similar shirts with the strange odd orange button. And by odd I mean that all the other buttons on the shirt were of a color matching the shirt, whilst this one button at the bottom was orange. The shirts also featured a pattern that was noticeable on the inside of the collar and cuffs.
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Ben Sherman does mismatched buttons sometimes. Not always orange, sometimes the odd one is a Union Jack pattern.
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Hugo Boss does a lot of small orange accents to their shirts / pants / et. al. - buttons, the tags on the inside, a small strip of fabric, etc.. So, could be them.
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Robert Graham does patterns inside the collar and cuffs and sometimes does a mismatched bottom button (but not necessarily orange).
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White Stuff shirts often have odd-coloured stitching on their buttons.

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I have a button-up shirt from Brooklyn Industries that has one orange button at the bottom, while all the other buttons are the same color as the fabric. It doesn't look like their current shirts have this detail, but maybe it was the style a couple years ago?
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Response by poster: I am not sure that any of these answers leads me to the exact shirts that I saw that day. But my curiosity has certainly been satisfied. For sure though, it is obviously a trend that is not particular to one individual designer. The shirts I saw could well have been from different designers in fact. Thanks for the answers.
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