Interesting shoes for men.
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I'm looking for interesting and unusual shoes (male.)

I can't find what I want in the high street so am looking for some sites selling interesting or unusual shoes for men. I like smart/casual boots or shoes rather than trainers or sneakers. I prefer footwear that can be worn during the day casually and will also work as part of a smarter outfit. When I say unusual I don't want anything too outlandish, I like interesting stitching, seams, cuts and fabric - different takes on classic shoe designs.

I am aware of and, but beyond that google is a depressing maze of resellers and the wrong stuff.

Any good quality retailers and designers are welcomed, price is unimportant (I like inspiration too!) but shipment to the UK is a must.

I'm trying not to be too picky and would really just like everyone to chip in with sites where they get their shoes. I have no hard and fast rules and may see something I like somewhere I might not expect to see it....thanks in advance.
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I would highly recommend you check out Giraudon.
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Try: Tsubo or Medium. They are both comfortable, stylish and unique but not outlandish. The Tsubos in particular look far more interesting in person - their materials are much more tacticle.
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Best answer: Cydwoq.
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does that medium site have anything other than a flash front?
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oh. i had to re-run the thing.
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You're looking for creepers.
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Aldo? Zappos also has a huge selection.
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Click on left-hand menu bar for men's shoes.
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Best answer: zappos is probably my favorite internet retailer on the planet. They do 2 day shipping all the time for free (even thought it says it's expiring in like 3 days, it's always expiring in 3 days). They also make returns as easy as it could possibly be. Just go to the website and print off a return lable, paste it on the box and drop it off at fedex. Great selection of shoes there. I've bought fluevog's, campers, and doc martens from them in the past.
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these rockports may not be as hip or as dressy as you'd like, but they're ludicrously comfortable if you do a lot of walking.
grip kinda sucks which you can tell just by looking at the tread...probably no worse than the tsubo ones though.
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I second the Fluevogs. I have three pairs and love them all. They wear very well.
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I love Caterpillar shoes. I got some similar to these last time I was in London and wore them forever. They are super comfortable and extremely durable, plus they look cool.

I have owned some of their work boots too, also comfortable and durable.
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Thirding Fluevogs here.
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I love Fluevogs too, however, I've found the soles of all three pairs came off far too easily after a minimal amount of wear but that may be because I'm going to hell.
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I had the same problem KathyK! But I loved them so much I just got them resoled....
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