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Can anyone tell me who designed this dress Christina Ricci is wearing at the Ell show at NY Fashion Week? This photo has appeared all over the web today but with no mention of the designer and I don't know enough about fashion to know where to start to look it up.
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I don't have a conclusive answer for you yet but I would bet you 100 dollars that it will be posted with either an 'In or Out' or 'WERQ' on Tom and Lorenzo. When they do, they will name the designer and link to the collection it came out of.

It's a total WERQ, btw.
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Yeah, also keep an eye on RCFA; I'm sure she'll feature it and she has a basically photographic memory of collections.
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Best answer: It's Valentino's 2013 Resort collection.
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Best answer: So, uh, specifically it was Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Harper's Bazaar interview) designing for Valentino who put this collection together.
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That dress is to die for, and I have to thank (or curse) you for giving me my first desire for a designer item.

I don't want to threadjack, but what is a WERQ? I googled and could not figure out the acronym.
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It's roughly Tlo's shorthand for 'Working the hell out of an outfit', bitter kitten.
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It's apparently a fashion-industry term for "worn well", derived from "workin' it" I suppose. Here's the search results for when you plug WERQ into the Tom & Lorenzo website.
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Response by poster: Thank you, carsonb. I will never wear a dress like that, but oh, it's so, so beautiful.
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That collection is pretty solid, especially the dresses. Wasn't a huge fan of the gown made of the same material; loved the green lace pantsuit and dress.

Anyway, cheers, happy to help!
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Here's the dress in action (Ricci interview at the event):
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