Who designed this dress?
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Who designed the gorgeous dress Anne-Sophie Mutter wears on the cover of her box of Mozart sonatas and related DVD?
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Best answer: from an interview
Laurie: Several of my readers wanted to know about your beautiful dresses...

Anne-Sophie: Oh holy cow!

Laurie: They love your elegant look on stage, and they wondered, where does she get those beautiful dresses, how does she pick them out?

Anne-Sophie: Actually that's no big deal, I've gone the the same designer since I was 17 years old, and basically my dresses are all the same, just different colors, it's all the same style. It's comfortable, and it works, I don't have to think about it, I almost don't have to try them on. It's like a uniform. Sometimes I think it's like a plumber's uniform. (laughing) I mean, it looks probably a little nicer. Once I get into them, I'm kind of in the mood, I know it really does help me, to look good.

Laurie: Who is your designer?

Anne-Sophie: It's John Galliano, at Dior in Paris.
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Response by poster: Always ask the librarian.

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