Cabins near Mt. Rainier and hotels in Seattle
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Looking for suggestions for cabin rentals near Mt. Rainier and hotels or bed and breakfasts in Seattle for mid-August.

My wife and I want to spend two nights in a cabin near Mt. Rainier and three nights in a hotel or B&B in Seattle in mid-August. We'll be bringing our son, who will be 21 months old. We would go as high as $200 per night, but would prefer to keep it closer to $150. Additional preferences:

• Allow children under 10 (first two I looked at that I liked don't allow them)
• Refrigerator, microwave, and grill or firepit
• Quiet, secluded
• Close to one of the Mt. Rainier entrances
• Bonus: walking or hiking trails, ponds or streams nearby
• Bonus: hot tub (is this why < 10-year-olds are not allowed?)

• Within walking distance of Pike's Place
• Within walking distance of at least a couple breakfast, lunch and dinner places, or has a decent restaurant on-site
• Not kid-averse
• Bonus: No charge for parking
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I just checked Travelocity for you (what can I say, it's almost 5:00) and in mid-August, at that price, your best bet is Hotel Andra at $177/night. It's right at the confluence of Belltown and Downtown, next door to one Tom Douglas restaurant (Lola) and across the street from two others (Dahlia and the pizza place, spacing on the name right now. Easy walking distance to downtown shopping in one direction, Belltown restaurants in the other, the market, etc. Really the perfect location. I've never stayed there but I've hung out in the lobby and it's nice.
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Sorry, I wasn't clear--the restaurants I mentioned are all very good. And I don't think you're going to find any hotel downtown that doesn't charge for parking.
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We go to Packwood, which is about 9 miles from Mt. Ranier, at least once or twice a year. My boyfriend's family owns a vacation cabin there, so I can't tell you about rentals first-hand, but this place looks like it might be right up your alley (kids OK; full kitchen + grill; hot tub).
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Inn at the Market may be out of your price range (IIRC I paid ~$170, but it might have been low season prices), but it's a FABULOUS boutique hotel right on top of pike place market. Literally a fish throw away from the market. If I was staying in downtown Seattle I wouldn't stay anywhere else.
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I've stayed at Hotel Andra, and it's lovely. (Plus you get to have fun saying AHHHHHndra while you're there, if that sort of thing entertains you.)
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Oh, I forgot to say -- I had a kid with me when I stayed there, and nobody complained.
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Response by poster: I am really liking the Hotel Andra suggestion, and will look into Packwood. Inn at the Market looks nice but is $245/night at a minimum. (And changing the number of children to 1 brings up a "2 rooms required" message. WTF?)

Thanks all, and please keep the suggestions coming!
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