Bookmarks for webcomics, blogs, and other websites of a serial nature
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I sometimes like to read webcomics or blogs from the first post. I could use history or bookmarks each time, but any other way to have a simple set-up so I don't lose my place?
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How about using the "Read it later" Firefox plugin that allows you to add links.. It's a way of keeping a list of things that you don't have time for right away, but aren't really "multiple visit" type sites that you would put in your bookmarks.

I just acquired the plugin this weekend and am finding it mostly useful.
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You could add a subscription to something like Google Reader... Sadly, only the latest 10 posts will be automatically marked unread (I don't understand this "feature," but whatever); to remedy, just star the latest post you've read?
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I use the bookmarks toolbar - delete the old & drag/drop a new one to update.

I fail to see why you won't use bookmarks - this is why they exist.
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If you want to avoid clutter, make a folder on your bookmarks toolbar for things that are in progress/want to come back to. And then do what torquemaniac suggested.
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I also have this desire. The reason bookmarks don't work well for me is because I have to manually change them each time I've read some more of the blog, and I'm lazy/forgetful. If there were some sort of a crazy auto-updating bookmark plugin which would change itself to reflect the last page on a domain (say) where I've been -- that would solve my problem. And I imagine Busoni's, as well.
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Google Notebook is good for noting things that you don't necessarily want in your bookmarks bar but that you'd like easily accessible in your browser.
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Firefox Scrapbook would work for that. You could capture each page and title the captures sequentially or as you wish.
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