Interior design blogs for us plebians?
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What are some on interesting interior design blogs that feature regular homes and apartments, done on a budget, as opposed to opulent, fancy, expensive places?

A lot of interior design blogs feature million dollar homes and apartments--a lot of "check this place out!" kind of sites. While those are nice fantasies, I'd like to get some ideas on budget home interior. Cheap but creative home and apartment design.
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Best answer: Apartment Therapy focuses on making the most of smaller spaces.

Ikea Hackers is all about using the affordable products of said company as the starting point for awesome home improvements.
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Best answer: Check out Daniel's blog Manhattan Nest. It's about his thrifty DIY adventures, and more. Because it's a personal blog, it also includes his own musings about other stuff, but he is so incredibly funny it really adds a lot of value to the blog.

Also, Door Sixteen. It's similar in scope, but done by a book cover designer (and you can tell). She shows all renovations she and her husband did to their home and apartment. Also includes personal likes, such as dogs, fashion, vegan food and Michael Jackson. A very nice read.

In the vein of Apartment therapy, there's Design Sponge. Not just about home design, but mostly that. It's better curated than AT, in my opinion.
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Best answer: Neblina stole Design Sponge and Door 16 while I was copying and pasting, but here's the rest of my links:

Little Green Notebook (mentions of Jesus sneak in every once in a while, but are easily ignored if not your thing)
Dollar Store Crafts (more crafty, but occasionally have decor ideas)
Thrift Core
Tip Junkie - DIY Decorating (decorating subcategory)
My Little Apartment (beware the taxidermy fetish!)
Design to Inspire
Christy's Thrifty Decorating
Thrifty Decor Chick
This Humble House
The Style Files
Centsational Girl
Normal Room (other people's pictures of their various rooms)
Retro Renovation
Material Girls

The best part is that if that blog isn't to your particular taste (too much craft, too much fashion, etc.), they all link (and interlink) to a bunch of other blogs that you might like better. If none of these are to your taste, I've also had good luck just looking on the old Goog for "design blog" or "decor blog" along with a particular interest (say "dark floors") and weeding my way through the results. HTH!
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This post asked for 'design resources for the unlucky renter on a tiny budget', and didn't find any that quite fit the bill. Maybe the suggestions would work for you?
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