How to fill up a week?
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Going to Seattle for all of next week - anything awesome going on?

We'll be getting in Monday and leaving Friday, so I'm looking for excellent things to check out during the week. I checked and it looks like The Haunted are playing the night we get in, so hopefully we'll be able to catch them. Any other interesting events/art showings/etc going on? Industrial/goth/rock club nights that must be seen? Great places to eat at odd hours? Awesome shops to buy bizarre things, antiques, underground music, clothing, old books, or the like?
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If you're into live music, this is a useful local resource.
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"...awesome shops to buy bizarre things"

After Pikes Place Market head down the loooong staircase, walk south on the waterfront about 1/2 mile, and check out Ye Ol' Curiosity shop near the ferry terminal. It has really bizarre stuff like pickled freaky farm animals with way too many legs or heads, and Sylvester (and is supposed girlfriend) who was found in the desert, mummified, apparently killed by a singly gunshot. He stands in a plexiglas case in the back. (Girlfriend displayed seperately)
Then off to Pioneer Square (east a couple of blocks) for an unbeatable night-life.
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(and HIS supposed girlfriend) confounded non editing feature!
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The Moisture Festival (a comedy, variety, burlesque, magic, etc. extravaganza) is going on here for one more week. The performers are quite good, it's hosted at a great local brewery, and it's generally an entertaining time.
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NW has info on clubs and parties, just look for events tagged with SEA.

24x7 dining choices are limited. I like the Hurricane for the food, and 13 Coins for the ambiance (the bar stool seats are like something out of a romulan space ship). The Five Point features cheap drinks AND a periscope view of the space needle, from the mens urinal.

Coastal Kitchen has a gingerbread waffle that is to die for, and a daily coffee cake special that's the size of your head.
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Anvil! The Story of Anvil, a "rockumentary" about a long suffering Canadian speed metal band, is playing on the 14th, and the bonus?--they will be playing live after the movie. From what I've heard, a fantastic movie, even if you're not a metal fan.
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