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Can you give me some recommendations for blogs by people who write about their unusual lives?

'Unusual' doesn't have to be all that unusual, but I love reading about lives that are quite different from mine. Some examples of blogs I like:

The Pioneer Woman (life on a cattle ranch);
Saudi Stepford Wife (life in urban Saudi Arabia, sadly no longer updated);
Razing Ruth (a woman who grew up in the fundamentalist Quiverfull community);
January First (raising a schizophrenic child);
Life on a Small Island (living on a remote island in the Orkneys)

So, recommendations for personal blogs written by people who've sold their law firms and moved to Alaska to raise chickens, people who blog about their life teaching at a small school in the Andes, people who suddenly found themselves the parents of quadruplets, anything like that - bring them on!
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Belle de jour, diary of a London call girl.
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Happyendingz - confessions of an erotic masseuse
The Las Vegas Courtesan
Grace Undressed

Violent Acres (no longer updated)
Red Lobster Blog (unoffical obv.)
Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds (earlier stuff is better, but has lately degenerated a bit to mommy blogging, which isn't necessarily bad just not my thing)
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You might like - it's written by a Suicide Girl turned farmer.
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Dmitry Samarov is an artist/Chicago cab driver who writes and illustrates posts about the life of a driver and the people he picks up.
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No longer updated, but freedomvan spent almost a year living in a retrofitted van with her cat in order to pay down a bunch of debt. I was in awe at how she managed to make it look almost cozy and fun.
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May December is a peek at a world (the NYC socialite) that I will never inhabit. So, of course, I find it fascinating.
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Bastish is the blog of an American guy and a Japanese woman (they're married) who run a fledgling organic farm in rural Nagano, and operate an eco-tour company on the side.
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Wow, I'm kind of surprised there aren't more here.

Not that you need more "moved to the outback" blogs, but I have:

Retired in Alaska
Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams (Knitting, wine-making, book reviews)
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Random Acts of Reality is written by an ambulance crew member in London. He's just got a new job, but there's good stuff in the archives.

Cablog is the blog of a Sydney taxi driver.
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Methadone Pretty is a blog by a Canadian woman in her early 40's, and she frankly discusses her experiences with using and attempting to quit using heroin.
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Kate McGroarty won a contest to live in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry for one month and blogs about it here:
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KUUMMIUT is about living in a small town in Greenland. Mostly scenery, not as detailed as I'd hope for, but the photos are beautiful.
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Permit me to add my own to this distinctive list:

Chris in South Korea talks about, well, life in South Korea and traveling a country not too well known to the Western world.
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What Now? is the story of a couple adopting a teenager.
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A while back I noticed a blog on the Blue about an Internet nerd who moved to Antarctica and worked on a base. It was fun to read. He went on to bike around North America. It was a fun read.
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It was apparently so much fun to read that I had to mention it twice (I'm a walking ball of sinusitis right now, forgive me)
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On my own blog I used to write more about my work and travel across sub-saharan Africa (west, south, and east - where I keep an apartment I rarely get to stay in). In the last few years I've been in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mali, Ghana, and Senegal (off the top of my head - I'm pretty sure that's most of them). Unfortunately, work has kept me much too busy to write much, but I hope to change that soon. Link in profile.
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I've written about travelling with Up with People 5 years ago, and have a blog about being a burlesque performer with a tendency to rouse rabble.
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