Looking for blogs that are off the beaten path
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Which blogs out there are the best kept secrets?

So my boyfriend and I want to start a Tumblr together. The idea is not really to attract attention or develop a readership. We just want a way to share cool links, interesting articles and beautiful images with each other over the day while we're at work. The blog will also then become an archive of cool shit we both love which we can look back on, like a shared diary of sorts.

There will probably be some oneupmanship when it comes to finding the most original, bizzare and interesting content. So I want to arm myself with a great list of blogs which I may previously have missed, which I can draw from.

Which blogs do you read which may not be commonly known, but which you consider awesome? I'm not really looking for personal/about-me type blogs, more like blogs on given subjects like music, movies, politics, cooking, travel, random facts etc. I just don't want the usual suspects, I want YOUR personal faves. If my boyfriend is lucky I may even share the list with him ;)

If a follow-up with our specific tastes/interests is needed, I will provide one, but I want to learn about new things too, so no topic is off limits! Many thanks in advance.
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I realise this is a big generalisation (and maybe kind of obvious), but twitter is amazing for resource hoarding. It took me many months to get my momentum on it, but now I follow a whole host of people with similar interests to me. The community feel really builds itself.

More directly, here's a link to a stream that represents my internet hoarding fairly well
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This isn't a blog, so maybe it's not what you're looking for, but I was just thinking the other day that the Often Awesome webseries/community doesn't have as large of an audience as I would expect it to.
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Necessity For Ruins is a cool blog (though rarely updated) about architecture and urban planning in Philadelphia
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Projects & Music
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Eco Velo for the photography. The finest bicycle pr0n on the internets.
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codex99, though the blog navigation format is somewhat annoying.
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Futility Closet

Scouting NY
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2nding 0bvious's twitter hoarding approach. A bit similarly, I often find very interesting blogs from my daily reading of Hacker News which, although technically oriented, often leads to very interesting blogs (of, course, the same is true for metafilter).

I usually find Bre Pettis's blog worth reading as it covers so many subjects to my interests.

I have taken to reading intersect.com every day and it is a collective blog of sorts that is organized in an unusual way so that posts can be found by place and time.

Nevada Weir's blog is great for her insights and work in far-flung photography and I like Mark Simonson's Notebook, a blog about type and typography, particularly his "font sightings."
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This blog is a pretty great mostly-gardening resource.

"Root Simple is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense. "
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I really like Fuck You Very Much (Warning: profanity and NSFW images, if you couldn't tell from the title of the blog.) and I think it's the same type of thing as you're going for.

The description is "Two friends trying to manage their relationship through this visual diary. These are their thoughts on everything." and I find it incredibly interesting. If you could memail me the address of your blog when you start it up, I'd be grateful!
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Gypsy Creams! I love this site. Absolutely fascinating look into old magazines.

TV Cream probably isn't that obscure, but their blog sometimes has fascinating pop cultural ephemera.
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Beautiful/Decay for bizarre art

swiss-miss for design-y goodness

Pinterest can be fantastic if you find good people/boards to follow (memail me if you want an invitation)
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The Scientific American Guest Blog very often has something intriguing in it.

Toothpaste for Dinner frequently cracks me up.
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50 watts the new site of the always intriguing A Journey Round My Skull.
Bibliodyssey from Mefi's own Peacay.
One Surrealist a Day
The Front Section more of an aggregator than a blog.
The Diary of Samuel Pepys
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The Featured Creature for daily stunning photography of exotic animals

True American Dog for bizarrely hilarious Photoshoppery

365 Tomorrows for daily science fiction microstories

Newgrounds for frequently-updated flash games
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Just photos, but I really like This Isn't Happiness.

Big second also for Futility Closet.
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one of my favorites is onceuponachef.com
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TYWKIWDBI is always fun to peruse and full of interesting, random posts.
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9-eyes features some great Google street-view photos

Salt and Fat is a great cooking blog

Roberto Greco's Tumblr often has interesting stuff on it. His wife and kids also collaborate on some great toys

I recently came across booktwo.org, which has some interesting posts, especially the Seven Posts About the Future - this one might not be quite what you're looking for content-wise, but it's thought provoking
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Wooster Collective is the number 1 street art blog on the net, guaranteed. If you've seen some cool piece of graffiti or street art on a blog, 9 times out of 10 it originated from Wooster. They're pals with Banksy, Shepherd Fairey, and everybody awesome.
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ditto This Isn't Happiness
also, How To Be A Retronaut
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