What are the best sex blogs?
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What are the best sex blogs? I'm interested in reading humorous, insightful, or just interesting writing about sex.

I know about Mistress Matisse's blog.

I remember a few years ago there was a girl who worked at a XXX video store, and wrote about porn and her crazy customers. I'd like more like that. (And if you have the link to the archives that would be cool.)

I've seen a few blogs that were written by prostitutes, and promiscuous gay men, but I don't recall any of them being particularly good. It's been a while, so I'm hoping there are some I don't know about that have cropped up.

Or if there's something interesting that doesn't fit those categories, feel free to throw it in. Thanks.
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There was a guy blogging about his sexual conquests in shanghai, but he shut it down when people started to try to figure out who he was...
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Susie Bright's blog; I'm at work so I can't link to it, but it's easy enough to find.
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Girl With a One Track Mind was good enough to be turned into a book recently. Can't link for the same reason as scody but it'll be easy to find.
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Was the porn store girl's blog real? I remember reading it and thinking that some of the entries sounded less like someone working in a porn store and more like someone who thought their life would be oh so much more interesting if they worked in a porn store. Just a little too self-congratulatory in a "oh, I'm a smart girl who ALSO works in a porn store! observe how I confront peoples' expectations!" way.

Check out erosblog and its long list of bloggy sex links on the side.
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Second ErosBlog.
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I'm a pretty big fan of Regina Lynn over at Wired's Sex Drive Daily.
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The blog was Confessions of a Porn Store Clerk, which is apparently archived here.

And although it's a podcast and not a blog, I have to heartily recommend Professor P's Porn Panorama. They give funny, thorough, and honest reviews of porn, sex toys, and other naughty stuff.
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fleshbot.com is decent, I think the reverse cowgirl blog is gone and if you are interested in the extreme and disturbing, I'd suggest the aptly named pain slut. you might want to pause a moment before clicking on that link though. it's explicit and peppered with images fit to make a decent catholic hurl.
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stefanie : "The blog was Confessions of a Porn Store Clerk, which is apparently archived here."

I think I may know the person that wrote this. I wish I were more than just acquaintances with her, so I could ask.
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Confessions of A Porn Store Clerk was excellent. I, too, would love to find something along those lines again.
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The writer of True Porn Clerk Stories is Ali Davis:
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Opinions and Adventures in Sex and Relationships is no more, but reading it from the beginning is facinating. Postmodern Courtesan is a terrific writer, tells interesting stories, and throws in a steamy sex scene every once and a while. Savage Love is a column, good stuff there too.
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Nerve has some sexy content in blog form. There are a couple of different photo blogs, I follow most of them but I got hooked when I started reading Siege's blog back when he started it about 2 years ago, however the two newer photo blogs are also quite enjoyable as well although I don't have as strong of a connection with them yet.
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Regina Lynn's blog is ok but sometimes the forced crossover with "sex & technology" gets dumb. "Teledildonics?" It just sounds stupid.

girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com was the best that i've seen, but after the book she was outed, so it's pretty different now.

http://iamlibrarygirl.blogspot.com/ is decent too.
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Decent sex blogs are hard to find nowadays - there's more of them, yes... but most are just crap. I suggest checking out The Sugasm. Every week bloggers submit their erotic posts and it's released as a collective post. It's a good way to find new sex blogs (or blogs that occasionally have sexual postsbutthisisntaselfpluginanyway) out there that you normally wouldn't come across.
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Susie Bright

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Warning: self link ahead....

I'm busy with a longer, offline project at the moment, but when I write, it's often about sex. When it isn't, it's about love, lust, romance, and my relations with people I'm loving, lusting, romancing, which, to some people, is a form of sex. Though technically it ain't a blog (it's a mailing list), I do archive some of the issues on the site.
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Violet Blue
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SugarClick reviews sex sites, some of them blogs. I think it's published by the same people who do the aforementioned Sugasm, possibly?
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We Sleep Together - chronicles of a polyamorous marriage
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I'm a fan of Naked Loft Party, although he hasn't updated in awhile.

Also The Slipshod Petticoats.
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Pineapple, you are correct. Great bunch of websites, those are. I'm somewhat obsessed with the owner, Sam Sugar. Mmmm.
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