Free online collection of avant-garde classical music?
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Please help me find an online avant-garde classical music site that posted full pieces you could listen to for free. The site let you browse by composer, genre and instruments. I think "america" may be in the URL, but I'm not sure. I do recall that it was almost entirely unusual repertoire 20th century stuff. Does this ring a bell?

This is driving me nuts, I used to spend lots of time at this site but can't remember or search properly so that I find it again. Thanks in advance.
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This may not be the exact thing you're looking for, but what you've described reminds me of Kalvos & Damien's New Music Bazaar.
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The only one I spied with the word America in the title was
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Best answer: Art of the States?
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Response by poster: Thanks, but not it, iconomy. I'm pretty sure the site used white text on a black background. It was also definitely not associated with any one musical group, but collected a wide range of artists and styles you could listen to.
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Response by poster: Bingo! Thanks, Beautiful Screaming Lady!

*frantically bookmarks*
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was it the Naxos Website?
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The wonderful UbuWeb might be what you're looking for. Also WFMU is a good place to look for other things like that.
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I'll add another source (the site I assumed you were remembering based on your description): the American Music Center's Online Library, where you can search using all kinds of parameters including a desire to see only listings that have recordings.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the rest; Art of the States is definitely the one I was looking for.
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Response by poster: Just have to thank BSL again for helping me get back to this site. This piece is just so fucking amazing, found by randomly clicking on composers' names. What a great site.
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