Classical music filter: What famous classical piece is this?
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It's one of those well known pieces that we've probably all heard many times before, but most of us probably can't name. Well, at least I can't name it and it's been stuck in my head for days! What famous classical piece is it? Thanks in advance!

It's played by a stringed orchestra, in 4/4 time, sounds like it's from the classical era (maybe Bach or Mozart?) and is the sort of light, pleasant sounding piece that you might associate with background music for a fancy rich people party where everyone is dressed in formal attire.

For guitar players, the tab for the first part of main melody goes like this. Each bass note is the first beat of a new bar.

e ---0-------0-------0-----------3---1------1---5---3----0-3----
B ----------------------------------------3------------------------
G -----------------------------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------------------------
A ---3---------------3--------------------------------3-----------
E -------------------------------------3---------------------------

I tried my best to also produce it in standard notation, but couldn't get the spacing to work. Is there any other way to effectively write this out over the internet? The melody notes are: e e e g f d f a g e g.
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That would be Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Romanze (Andante) :)
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That's it. Thank you so much!
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For future reference, ThemeFinder is a great resource for this type of question (though it appears to be down right now.)
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Sweet! My first question here was a "what is this music" question so now THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE *cancels self out*
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