Classical Guitar Tab Recommendations
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Suggestions for classical guitar tab?

I'm looking for some "standards" of classical music that are fun to play on guitar. For example, these two from Bach are recognizable but I'm not saavy enough to have searched for them by name.

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Not really classical, but i cant resist rec'ing it, "bohemian rhapsody" by queen for solo classical guitar is great. I cant seem to find it anymore though!

Pachelbel's canon in D is very recognisable, up to the point of being annoying to hear!
Vivaldi's 4 seasons are great to play. You could try some debussy (clair de lune or arabesque) aswell.
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Again, not strictly classical, but how about Cavatina?
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Best answer: I would just go here and look for familiar titles.

This is an easy standard that everyone plays.
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Best answer: Dirk's Guitar Page has an awesome selection of music for classical guitar. To open the files, you're going to need TablEdit, though, or some similar program that can open .tef files. I personally use Guitar Pro.
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Best answer: Here's a fun arrangement of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, which you may have heard on a PBS cooking show. The touch of minor flavor in the middle is particularly pleasing.
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it's not 'classical' but I think it's the same idea. Randy Rhoads - Dee
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