I need a haircut!
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Need haircut recommendations in Portland or Beaverton, OR

I'm a chick, with super-fine hair that is also not very plentiful, with a bit of wave/curl in it. I recently moved to Oregon and need to find someone to cut my hair. It can be hard to find people who know how to cut hair like mine so it doesn't just lay on my head like a dead thing. I usually end up getting a shortish bob, since that's about the easiest way to get some body without a lot of work every morning.

If anyone lives in the Portland area and knows of someone who can cut fine wavy hair, please send the recommendations to me! Prefer west side (Washington County) but anywhere in the Portland metro area is fine, I'm willing to travel to get a good cut. I've already tried Yelp and it seems like most people get manicures at salons but not haircuts.
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I use Bishops. Its 1) cheap, 2) usually great, and 3) they give you beer. Its a hipsterish place, but I love it. Many locations - NW 21st, SE Hawthorne, etc.
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Best answer: My parents moved to the Puget Sound area 7 years ago. My mother still makes the trek, 3.5 hours, to make her hair appointment at Westside Salon, on Cornell Road, in the Tanasbourne area. While my mother is definately a nut, her hair sure does looks good.

But I dont think they are particularly cheap.
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i would check out Rudy's

They've got two locations in portland. I haven't been to either of those, but i've been to two of their locations in LA. always get a great cut, and they're prices aren't anywhere near expensive YMMV

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Best answer: I recommend Nyssa at Salon De Donata on NE 12th and Alberta. I have thin, super fine hair and she does an amazing job with it.
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Response by poster: captainsohler: does your mom go to any particular stylist? thanks.
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I'm a fan of Blades on NW 21st. I've had good cut and color there from multiple people but I'm especially a fan of Gaelyn.
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Best answer: My hair has just enough wave to be tempermental, but not enough to be curly. Jeff at the Cutting Crew on Hawthorne did wonders while I still lived there. (For the two years I lived in Seattle, I drove down to see him almost every time I needed a haircut too).
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Trixie's Beauty Bar!! You won't regret it. It's on Lombard in North Portland. Approx. $40 for a haircut. You will not be sorry :)

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