i can haz Port4nd M4in3 CP4?
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I need an accountant in Portland Maine as soon as possible. Pretty simple probably but I have some equipment deductions (photography equipment) and depreciation and stuff I can't really figure out. I need to get this done this week as my FAFSA for school is delayed while I'm dealing with it.

I'd try it with software is someone knows of something that's particularly great. I was trying to do it with forms last night and it was a mess. I think that I have a fair amount of deductions and a bit of money riding on this that I'd rather not lose, so I don't mind paying. On the other hand, I'm poor so don't want to pay too much!

If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

I'm hoping to get this done this week. I know it's the busy time, is this something that I could expect to deal with in a week?
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I own a small company in Portland and we are very happy with the services of Elizabeth Leclerc, who has offices in that great old mill building at the rapids on the Androscoggin up in Brunswick.
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Filler and Associates. Not cheap but very good.
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PS you can do a provisional FAFSA and modify it once your taxes are done. Just click the 'estimated' box.
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