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Where can I find DVD's of Benedek Fleigauf's films?

At an International Film Festival a few years ago I saw a great film by Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf ("Rengeteg"--in English, "Forest"--clip here, no subtitles. IMDb bio, and interview with English subs). I've been trying to locate that film specifically, and all his films generally, for purchase ever since, with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions or leads, I'd love to hear them.

(I've also looked when in Budapest, but haven't had much luck there--if anyone has in-country leads, those would be much appreciated as well, as I will be going back.)
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Best answer: If I'm understanding their info page correctly it appears that Belanski Films holds some distribution rights to his films. The information on their site is minimal, but there's an email address and phone number listed on their contact page.
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Response by poster: Thanks, des! I mailed them and not only did they get back to me immediately, but were incredibly helpful and are directing me to where to obtain discs.
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