Quick vegan lunch near American University in DC?
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Fast vegan lunch options at/near American University, in Washington, DC?

I am going to be at American University for a conference this weekend (Friday-Sunday) and have dinner and Sunday brunch taken care of (although I'm open to suggestions if you have a passionate desire to share your favorite). Friday and Saturday lunch, however, is another story -- there's about 15 minutes between sessions and the box lunches on offer are not vegan. So... I'm hoping that some of you know of a place within walking distance that has something vegan on offer, preferably as take-out. Bonus points if I can pick it up on my way in (i.e. before 9:30am). I will be going to the University from Dupont Circle, if that makes a difference -- but probably traveling via Metro, so can't really stop on the way.
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Best answer: The Tenleytown metro stop (I assume you'll get off there and take the AU shuttle) has a Whole Foods right there. There are a few restaurants in that area too, nothing too great.

There's basically nothing in walking distance from AU. Your best bet is to pick something up on the way there.
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There's a Subway on campus, or at least there was last time I was there. Do they have anything vegan? Otherwise, your best bet is probably Balducci's over on New Mexico Avenue. They open at 8 according to their website, but I haven't been there since they stopped being the Sutton Place Gourmet, so I don't know what their vegan options would be like. I guess you could call and ask.

The A.U. area is extremely residential, so it may be that your best bet will be to pick something up in Dupont before you leave. Also, it's a long walk from the subway, but it's also entirely residential.
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My last answer was confusing. There's a Subway sub shop on campus. The D.C. subway, the Metro, is about a mile away. Part of the walk is on Wisconsin Avenue, where there could conceivably be a place to pick up food (although I can't think of anything off the top of my head), but most of it is on Nebraska Avenue, which is entirely residential.
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If you head Northwest on Mass. Ave from the AU campus, there's Wagshal's Deli, which is about 99% non-vegan, but they have an outstanding veggie burger that I think would be vegan without the Chipotle Mayo. It's right next to CVS. However, they stop making them at 2:30pm, so you've got to get in before then. And of course, it'd probably be smart to call ahead of time to ask whether it can be vegan.
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As a 2008 AU grad, I think your best and almost only option is Whole Foods. It is right outside the Wisconsin Avenue East side Metro exit. That's also the side where you catch the shuttle to campus.

I almost signed up for that conference ...
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Best answer: I'll also say Whole Foods will probably be your best bet. In Dupont, there's Teaism, which would be open early enough for you to grab something on your way in (well, they open at 8). Julia's Empanadas, also in Dupont, has a vegan one, but I don't know when they open.

You can browse VegDC for more -- nothing around Tenleytown (all three of them) seem to open early enough for you.

Another option, if you want to do this or even can, is to pick something up the night before. I'm sure a sandwich from Java Green would still be mighty tasty the next day, even though it's kind of out of your way (although not too far from Dupont).

Good luck -- I've been to many work functions where I've been happy I packed a sandwich because there was nothing I could eat.
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Best answer: If you find time, at some point during your visit you could get off the metro (still on the way, on the Red Line) at Cleveland Park station, and stop in Yes Organic Market, they have plenty of different kinds of vegan platters and sandwiches in the deli case from Sunneen foods (the Vegan Power sandwich with tofu, sprouts, hot peppers, vegannaise, and veggies on sprouted grain bread - A+), plus these awesome tofu knishes that are totally delicious & practically a meal in themselves (the apple ones are best, I think).

BTW, if you go out in the evenings and are around U St.. for late night food, DC club the Black Cat has a vegetarian/vegan cafe Food for Thought, and DC landmark Ben's Chili Bowl has vegan chili and is open until some ridiculous hour.. aha, til 4am on Friday/Saturday.
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Response by poster: I have to admit I was overwhelmed by VegDC -- so many more options than Michigan! :) So thank you for the filtering. I've heard great things about the vegan empanada at Julia's, so I might have to do the late-night snack thing (they open too late in the morning, but don't close until 4am!).

Apart from that, Whole Foods is sounding like a godsend -- although it's not often you'll hear me say that -- because yesno is right about my transit plan. And to everyone else who seconded, thank you for the backup info! Consensus is reassuring.

On preview, I now have late-night-snack plans for both Fri and Sat, and will try to get to Yes Organic Market at least one day! Yay!
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Yes, those knishes are great, especially the chocolate and the broccoli!
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Look on-campus for options. AU was recently voted the nation's most vegetarian-friendly university.

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