What to do see in DC area
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Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase....Off beat, ( off the mall too probably), things to do between Christmas and New Years. Bonus for vegan, macro, farmers market food ideas
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The Vegetable Garden in Rockville.

MOMS (My Organic Market) is right down the road.
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This might not be off beat enough for you, but the Mormon Temple in Kensington has a pretty amazing "Festival of Lights" that my family and I used to go to every year.

I don't know if you'll really find anything off beat in Chevy Chase or Bethesda. You might want to check out Takoma Park instead. They have a year round farmer's market open on Sundays from 10-2. It is also home to many thrift stores and boutiques, a food co-op and a bead store.

You could always go ice skating at the sculpture garden downtown. (Once again, not sure how off beat this is, but it's pretty cool.)
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Eastern Market.
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Vegetable Garden is some of the best damn Chinese food I have ever had, and I'm a carnivore.

I also second the Eastern Market. Get some hot chocolate or coffee and just soak in it.

Damn, and someone mentioned Takoma Park's farmer's market. This time of year there won't be much produce, but lots of great candles, crafts and wreaths and the like.

Stop by Mark's Kitchen a bllock away for yummy vegetarian/vegan food (also has American favorites). Great for breakfast (Mark's Tofu Breakfast is yummy.). Tell Kate, Ann, Sarah, Mark and the others I said hi! Mark's is one one of the few things I miss about DC.
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As a vendor at Eastern Market, I need to say that Christmas is the busiest time of the year and after Christmas many of us take a month or two off since the weather is cold and there aren't enough customers. This Saturday will be fine, but after this weekend, I might reconsider hitting outdoor markets.
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The Museum of American Folk Art in DC.
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National Museum of Health and Medicine. OK, too gross?

How about the Washington Dolls' House and Toy Museum (Closed X-mas Eve through Boxing Day and New Years Day)? OK, too cutsie?

How about the Textile Museum (also closed X-mas Eve and Day and New Years Day)?

Finish your day with a tasty meal at Nora or Coppi's?
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Best answer: I'm going to see these guys on New Years Eve. Pretty cool local rock outfit.
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I heartily concur that Eastern Market might not be the best bet right after Christmas. It'll be pretty dead. The market itself will be open, so you can do some good food shopping, but the artists will mostly be gone.
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I would also recommend The Vegetable Garden. It's the best Chinese-vegetarian I've ever had.

Other things to do: the Garden of Lights at Brookside Garden.

Also, The Spy Museum
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone.
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