What D.C. activities on a need-to-know basis?
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What off-the-beaten-path activities can I do in D.C.? I would love to do something that makes me feel a bit like a VIP. I want the city to seem like it does in a spy novel. Seeing the vintage Congressional bathrooms, getting a behind the scenes tour of the Library of Congress, and unusual sights like the Pentagon's gold AK-47 are the kind of things I'm after.

I'm going to be visiting the capital this winter, just before Christmas. I'm not afraid of the cold, however, so outdoor activities are just fine!
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If you are an NPR nerd—and you're here, so you might be—I highly recommend the tour of their headquarters. It's pretty informal and the group was small the day I took it, less than 10 people. We got to see a lot more of the studios and newsrooms than I thought we would.
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In Georgetown, near the bridge to rosslyn, are the steps that the priest died on at the end if he Exorcist.

Schedule a tour of the white house with your congressmans office.
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Whenever I take friends around to see Touristy Stuff in DC, I always point out the East Potomac Park Mystery Building (you can see it from the Yellow Line Metro headed north into DC, right before you go into the tunnel; it doesn't look like much, just a big building). You can also see it from street level on Ohio Dr or if you're walking around the trail, but there's not much to see.

It's just one of those DC oddities.
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In general, I've had some luck with, for place X, googling "hidden X" and "off the beaten path X".
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Best answer: I am not sure if the basic congressional tours allow you to take this, but there is a mini-subway between the Capitol and House and Senate buildings. You should definitely ask! Also, many congressional offices offer snacks from their home states, and it's fun to peek in and see what other places offer.

Perhaps a drink at the Columbia Room? Or at the top of the POV bar? I really like Tabac, and the view from their rooftop terrace is one of the best (and only) hill views of the city. You could also get a drink at Russia House, which certainly looks like you should be curled up with a Bond or Bond girl, whispering government secrets.

You could also take in some culture at some of the embassy events, and maybe even meet an ambassador or a cultural minister or two.

Not sure if you're into more classical music, but the National Cathedral usually has lovely Christmas concerts, and you can look out for Darth Vader!
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Oh yeah, the French embassy has parties and concerts there all the time. Is great.
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Best answer: If you ask nice, MrMoonPie might give you a tour of the Library of Congress.
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Not off the beaten path but we recently visited DC and went to the Lincoln Memorial after dark, around 9 pm. There were still people there, a few tour busses, but the dramatic lighting was awesome and inside it was hushed and echo-y and moving. It's open 24 hrs a day and bonus: easy to find a parking space.
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Best answer: Tour the U.S. Capitol Dome
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Congressional Cemetery?
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You could make a longish project out of visiting all of the DC Boundary Stones.
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Response by poster: The mini subway, capitol dome, LoC tour, and embassy parties have all piqued my interest!
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One of the best parts about D.C. IMHO are the many free events and lectures on every topic under the sun. Search for interesting lectures being given while you are here. Bonus: Free Lunch!

And the Lincoln Memorial at night is cool, but I prefer Jefferson - even quieter, even less people, with a view over the Tidal Basin. Also, take the Metro to Rosslyn, grab a Capital Bikeshare bike by N Lynn. Take the Mt. Vernon Trail to see Roosevelt Island, then ride to Gravelly Point to airplane watch. Nice route along the Potomac, particularly at dusk, and watching the airplanes land is awesome.
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