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Word Processor with Excel-like tabs for Windows?

Is there a word processor with tabs? I seem to remember gedit on Ubuntu had tabs, but it opens different files in different tabs. I mean one with multiple tabs in one file like Excel does.
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I can think of text editors (PSPad, f'r'instance), but I'm not familiar with word processors.

So, I googled "word processor" tabbed, and a bunch of suggestions popped up:
Word Perfect
Go Office (web browser-based)
... etc.
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NotePad++ has tabs and a lot more.
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I retract after re-reading your question. NotePad++ does have tabs, but they are not like multiple worksheets per Excel workbook.
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Best answer: Lotus WordPro used to do this, using a tab to delimit each section of a single document, but the word processing component of its current version, Lotus Symphony, does not.

The Excel approach is simply putting what used to be separate spreadsheets on tabs within one file.

Look at MyNotesKeeper for an analogue of Excel for word processing.
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Response by poster: Ok, awesome. Looks like MyNotesKeeper is a good one. PageFour is pretty good, but also elaborate. Thanks.
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