Oh, the joys of new relationships.
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Can you recommend a very sensitive condom?

I've never had a problem with premature ejaculation -- more of the "keep going for half an hour until my abs give out or just pretend to climax". More often than not, I've had a difficult time climaxing with a condom on. (Not so much staying hard, just finishing). For me, I think it's a sensation issue (maybe I shouldn't have started masturbating so early).

My solution for this in previously has been to "save up" for a few days, but I've just met an amazing woman and we're having an extended Valentine's Day tryst -- so "saving up" isn't an option after the first session. Obviously, since this is new, condoms are part of the equation.

Can you recommend a thin condom that I might have a better time with?
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Best answer: kimono microthins!
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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms
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also good: okamoto crowns. but really, the kimono microthins are fantastic.
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Best answer: We like Lifestyles Skyn. It's not made of latex, and we both like this new material a lot better.
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Seconding kimono microthins.
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Seconding Lifestyles Skyn's, it's great that they don't smell like latex.
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I use (er, married now.. used) Sagami L size pretty much all the time. Other Japanese ones were too small, and most American ones had a bad smell and made my penis itch. They are super thin and pretty easy to get on. I had one break on me once because I put it on wrong however. Here in Japan they cost about ¥1,200 a box.
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Response by poster: Hrm.. any ideas where I could buy these in LA? Target only stocks them online, Babeland is out of business.
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I'm allergic to latex, so any partners of mine have had to use polyurethane (Durex). They've always told me that they feel a lot more with them. Mind you, polyurethane isn't as reliable against some things as latex condoms are, so perhaps this is something you would rather try after being with this girl for a while.
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Whole Foods carries them here in PDX.

Beyond Seven (also made by Okamoto) are good too.
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nthing the kimono microthins. They are teh awesome.
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Durex Avanti=non-latex bliss!
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Babeland's not out of business!
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Response by poster: (The LA brick-and-mortar location)
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So long as you don't mind going to a BDSM shop, Stockroom on Sunset near Silver Lake carries the Microthins.
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I found kimono microthins at the Long's Drugs on Hollywood, after calling around to a bunch of other places. (I'll go ahead and third the recommendation, by the way. =) I restricted my search to drugstores, though; I'm sure they're stocked at the sex store type places around town.
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Kimono Microthins, Crown, Mamba, Birds n' Bees are all good. The first two are easier to find than the latter two. My personal favorite is Crown, but all four are great.

It's become a Whole Foods now, but Wild Oats (a hippie-ish supermarket) carried Kimono Microthins, which leads me to think they're not as hard to find outside the internet as the other three.
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Freddy and Eddy's on Venice in West LA has all these and more.
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Plus, if you come in, the guy insists on making you a cappuccino and it's incredibly tasty. I've pretended to browse a couple of times because the coffee is that good.
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I used to like Beyond 7 (okamoto).
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