Looking for a treadmill for home.
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FitnessFilter: I want to buy a treadmill for the house. Are there any brands/makes I should either avoid and/or seek out? I will be running on it, so it can't be completely junky.
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We have a Landice and it is built like a tank. Full lifetime warranty on all parts. They are expensive though.

How much you weigh and how much you use it will be a determining factor. We had another treadmill prior to this one (it was a hand me down and I don't remember the name) but we burned it out within a few months after I started to use it. I was about 250 lbs when I started on it (My wife who is about 115 lbs ran on it for a few years without issue).
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I weigh about 185. (Used to weight about 315). Need to shed those last 20 lbs off.
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For starters, stay away from department store treadmills. Brands like nortictrack, weslo and proform will not stand up to walking on, let alone running.

We bought a Visionfitness treadmill last winter from a local fitness store and are very happy with it.

It's really difficult to find unbiased reviews of treadmills on the web. The closest I've found is the treadmill doctor, although for he seems a bit overly critical of "home" treadmills.

My best advice is before you buy find a local store that has different brands of treadmills, lace up your running shoes and try them out in the showroom.
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I just went through a treadmill search myself and decided on a Vision Fitness T9200. It's pretty basic -- no programs or heartrate monitors or such -- but it seems sturdy and I've been happy with it for the past couple of weeks. This model got a Best Buy or Editor's Choice or whatever they call it from Consumer Reports if you're inclined to trust their expertise.

You can assemble it yourself (yourself = you and a helper) if you have the least amount of mechanical skills, so you can avoid the setup fees. It weighs a lot, so your helper should be a weightlifter.
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