High Arches
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Ce n'est pas l'Arc de Triomphe, stupide! C'est l'Arc de Défaite! I've recently become aware that my feet have high natural arches. I am trying to learn how to best accommodate them and so avoid the backaches and sore feet that have probably been triggered by their former lack of support. Does anyone have any tips for me, such as orthotic user reviews or ways to strengthen the arch?
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one thing that i use (i dont have high arches, but they are wonderful for yr foot) are a product called SuperFeet they keep the foot in a neutral position and just support yr feet very well.
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I've found that Superfeet insoles are a godsend. The insole that comes with any shoes or boots -- including my $300 Scarpas, grr -- are shite. I use Superfeet as a replacement, and my feet are eversomuch happier.

NB. I tend to flatish feet. My wife, however, has an extremely high arch, and also finds Superfeet are an improvement.

Failing that, you need custom orthotics. Check with your local sports physiotherapist or an occupational therapist; they should be able to do it for well under $100 IMO.
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Go see a podiatrist. I have what one MD remarked as "Oh my god. You've got incredibly high arches."

I wore shitty shoes for years, and the results were leg pains. Sometimes, the day after walking a lot, it was difficult to get out of bed.

After I got custom orthotics and wore the right shoes, it got a lot better. Immediately.
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Birkenstocks. They're not all ugly anymore. A visit to your local store will be worth the effort when they correctly measure your size. I find the Tatami line to be more comfortable than the regular birks or the papillo lines. I even wear my Fuldas around the house. Tatamis frequently have a wider support base and a higher arch support.
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I have high arches, and also have custom orthotics. They make a lot of difference. High arches can affect how your feet land/roll when you walk, which can cause problems in other places in your shins/knees/thighs, etc. In my case they put me on a jogging machine, and while I walked slowly they analysed how my heels and soles came down, before recommending I needed a lot of support.

As a result of high arches I also have a 'high volume foot,' that is, the top of my foot is higher than it is for a lot of other poeple. If you have this too, when buying/using lace-up shoes/sneakers/boots, you may also want to lace them more loosely across the middle section and make sure they can cinch a bit more closer to your ankles.
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